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St. Petersburg, Florida-based Sunshine City Counseling offers online therapy sessions that can be carried out from any location in the states of Florida, Maine and Georgia.

Sunshine City Counseling in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers online therapy. The team wants anyone struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, or issues that interfere with self-acceptance to know they can book a convenient online session with one of eight specialized counselors.

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The center provides online counseling sessions. Those who feel fragile or vulnerable and want to revisit past traumas or betrayals to move forward as well as those those who feel stuck in negative patterns can break free of counterproductive thoughts and behaviors will benefit from one-on-one counseling.

Studies show that the advantages counseling offers are often muddied by stigma, yet meta-analyses reveal empirical proof that mental health counseling offers many benefits.

The American Psychological Association says positive outcomes derived from counseling include increased interpersonal skills and communication, improved interpersonal relationships, decreased depressive symptoms, decreased anxiety, reductions in pharmaceutical interventions, improved quality of life and reductions in substance abuse.

Approximately 18 percent of the population presents with some form of mental disorder or disruption. The team at Sunshine City Counseling are dedicated to removing the stigma associated with mental health issues to show that the best gift a person can give to themselves and others is to step into their fullest potential.

Whether in person or online, the team provides a safe place for clients to explore who they have been so they can step into who they were created to be. To learn more, visit

Sunshine City Counseling offers specialized therapeutic approaches that address anxiety, codependency, depression, postpartum depression, trauma, self-esteem, addiction and couples counseling.

A spokesperson for the clinic says, “The world is a messy place. We find love. We lose love. We find joy. We also find heartache. If life isn’t what you thought it would be and you’re not where you thought you’d be, we can help. We are the relationship experts. There is hope. There is healing. We’re better together.”

With the expansion of their services to include online therapy, anyone seeking individual, LGBTQ+, teen, child or couples therapy can find the help they need in consultation with a specialist from Sunshine City Counseling.

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