St Petersburg FL Codependency Therapy Self-Esteem Improvement Services Launched

An established counseling practice in St Petersburg, FL has launched a codependency therapy service to help people understand their behavior, build self-esteem and regain control over their lives.

An established counseling practice in St Petersburg, FL has launched a codependency therapy service to help people regain control over their lives and build self-esteem. Sunshine City Counseling says this type of therapy can help people deal with toxic relationships or individuals in their life who have become exhausting.

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The newly launched service aims to help people take back control of their lives. Those who suffer from codependency may not be aware until they feel they are in crisis. Sunshine City Counseling says people who struggle with codependency often say they feel overwhelmed, suffocated, that they have lost their independence, and they take on others’ emotions as their own.

They may also feel jealous, responsible for others, that they are “too much,” and they may struggle to separate themselves from other people. The team say people may have a dysfunctional internal belief system whereby they do not believe they deserve attention, care, or nice things.

Whatever it is that people feel they do not deserve, it can wreak havoc in relationships and within themselves. It can develop in several ways, with many stemming from childhood experiences. For people to work through their codependency and dysfunction, they must be willing to acknowledge their problems.

Five core symptoms are associated with codependency, although the team says it should be noted most people are codependent in some way, shape, or form. Difficulty experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteem and setting functional boundaries are some of the core symptoms of codependency.

In addition, they may find it hard to own their own reality, acknowledge and meet their own needs and wants, as well as being interdependent with others, and they may find it hard to express their reality moderately.

One of the counselors said: “Our childhood tells an interesting story if we are willing to go back and sit with it. How we describe our parents, the memories associated with our mom and dad, the unspoken messages that we were taught about life, sex, and relationships can all be revealing.”

“At Sunshine City Counseling we are dedicated to your healing and to providing you with actionable tools to use so you can make sense of your past and begin to step into a different future. The same patterns and behaviors do not have to keep playing on repeat,” they added.

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