St Petersburg FL Birth Trauma/Postpartum PTSD Expert Teletherapy Report Released

St. Petersburg, Florida medical center Thriving Lane (347-830-7720) has launched a report on birth trauma and teletherapy services. The center focuses on perinatal and postpartum women's mental health and physical wellbeing.

Thriving Lane’s new report discusses the center’s growing work with clients in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area. Through teletherapy, the center now extends its services to clients in Georgia, Nebraska, Alaska, and Minnesota.

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This report has been released to inform women about birth trauma and postpartum PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and make them aware of the various treatment options available.

As awareness of postpartum mental health continues to increase, more individuals are turning to various treatment options to help alleviate distress. Postpartum PTSD or birth trauma is experienced by about 9% of women, and the trauma can arise due to a physical or psychological event.

Physical events include a prolapsed cord or an unplanned C-section, and psychological events include the reliving of a past trauma or increased perceptions of powerlessness.

The report, entitled “Birth Trauma: What No One Talks About After Having a Baby,” features an in-depth exploration of the topic, the causes and symptoms of birth trauma, and the benefits of online counselling. At Thriving Lane, counselling is provided based on an understanding that each person’s experience giving birth is unique and should be treated as such.

The symptoms of postpartum PTSD evaluated and treated by Thriving Lane include trauma re-experiences, mood and cognitive alterations, and potential triggers. The treatment options provided are holistic and integrative, and the team is trained to guide and help clients achieve a better quality of life.

Thriving Lane was established to elevate the mental health of women using various conventional and alternative approaches, including medication, nutrition, mindfulness, and therapy. One of the main services it provides for treating birth trauma is teletherapy; such services are provided on a secure platform, and this approach often benefits those reluctant to attend in-person therapy sessions for various reasons.

On compassion for an often-overlooked condition, a company spokesperson said, “We understand birth trauma is a very real condition and is often difficult to talk about. However, we’re here to help you feel heard and remember that your mental and physical wellbeing is important.”

Women affected by birth trauma and those interested in holistic teletherapy can obtain more information at

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