St Paul MN Groove Digital 2021 Business Marketing Development Webinar Announced

Groove Digital launched a free webinar to give business owners in Minnesota, details on how the Groove platform can provide all the tools they need for their marketing and business development.

Groove Digital has announced a new live webinar that provides a detailed overview of how the Groove platform can help business owners in St Paul, Minnesota, to automate and improve their marketing online.

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The recently announced webinar covers all the key tools featured on the Groove platform, such as a website creator, marketing funnels development, and online store integrations, as well as a blueprint for building an online business.

As the business world continues its shift into the online sphere, many companies need to adapt and develop their marketing accordingly. However, with a large range of resources and choices available, it can be challenging for business owners to know which tools are best suited for their needs. Groove Digital’s platform provides a comprehensive suite of applications in one place that cover all the aspects companies in St Paul, Minnesota, need in order to build a successful online marketing strategy.

As the online webinar explains, the Groove platform includes over fifteen apps within its packages that allow a business to create and develop their online marketing regardless of the industry or target audience. The tools include the ability to build fully-functioning websites with integrated shopping carts, develop email marketing campaigns, and create sales funnels.

One of the key advantages of the Groove Digital platform highlighted in the webinar is its all-in-one convenience, which can save users the time and money that would normally be spent investing in multiple applications from various sources. Additionally, by having all the resources from one source, members can be confident that they are all compatible with each other, removing the risk of software clashes.

The Groove Digital platform is currently offered in two packages, ‘Free’ and ‘Lifetime,’ both of which give business owners access to the complete suite of resources. However, the lifetime package provides a larger range of content and services, such as unlimited websites and domain names. A comparison of the two packages can be seen here

Founded in 2020, Groove Digital has continued to grow as a recognized resource for online businesses looking to develop their platforms and is now offering further training and support such as the newly announced free online webinar.

A client of Groove Digital said, “I got Groove to replace the multitude of services that I used separately. So far, it worked perfectly, and I am saving money by shutting other old services down.”

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