St. Louis Tree Service Company Warns of Emerald Ash Borer Invasion

St. Louis tree service company warning St. Louis, Missouri residents to be ready to loose ash trees without the right tree care. Bunton & Meyer Tree Service gives insight on Emerald Ash Borer and how it can devastate ash trees on homeowners properties.

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St. Louis Tree Service Company reports that Emerald Ash Borer (aka.EAB) has been found in the St. Louis Area. Emerald Ash Borer is small, metallic-green, wood boring insect that has the ability to kill to kill every ash tree in Missouri, even healthy ones. Emerald Ash

Borer came to the United States from Asia and was first identified in the

Detroit area. It has moved across the

country in firewood and other human transportation. Bunton & Meyer tree service, a St. Louis tree service company, is sending out a warning to all Missouri residence to

help protect and prevent this Emerald Ash Borer from destroying their trees.

Emerald Ash Borer is extremely devastating to

ash trees because of the feeding habits of the young insects. The adult females lay their eggs under the

bark. Once the eggs hatch, the larva

feed in a serpentine pattern under the bark disrupting the water and nutrient

flow in the tree. A St. Louis tree service company like Bunton & Meyer can

easily help detect this issue.

State, federal, and local efforts to control this pest are focused on trying to slow the spread into new areas. This pest can not be stopped on a large scale,

but individual trees can be saved with the right tree service in Saint Louis.

Some communities that have a diverse tree population may not see much change at all.

However, ash has been a popular type of tree to plant on private

residences, parks and streets. St. Louis

tree service company states that on average, only 3% of Missouri's total trees are

ash. Ash trees make up 14% of the street

trees in the state and up to 21% of the trees in our parks. Urban and suburban areas will be affected

much more by this Emerald Ash Borer in Missouri than rural areas. Unfortunately, some neighborhood streets

consist entirely of ash trees as well as many of the privately owned trees and

are prime targets for the Emerald Ash Borer.

These areas will see more storm water run-off, higher air conditioning

bills, reduced property values, and loss of aesthetic values on the property.

The first thing homeowners in St. Louis, Missouri should do is to call a St Louis tree service company like Bunton & Meyer

Tree Service to survey the property for this Emerald Ash Borer. If any ash trees are found, one of the

professional arborists with Bunton & Meyer Tree Service can discuss tree

care management options for your trees.

High value trees can be protected and low value trees can be preventively

removed. St. Louis tree removal services will be the last option. More on

St. Louis tree removal found here: St Louis Tree Service

Many tree service treatment options exist, but the most effective control of Emerald Ash Borer is a direct injection of

insecticide into the tree. This process

is minimally invasive and must be completed by a properly licensed tree service

professional in St Louis. Some products

can be purchased from local home improvement stores, but these products are

less effective than professional tree service treatments.

Prevention is key to managing this pest. Once the signs of this insect are apparent,

such as thinning and dieback of the crown and prolific sprouting from the

trunk, the tree has already sustained significant internal damage. Although trees with low infestation rates can

successfully be treated, the treatment effectiveness can be greatly reduced by

the vascular disruption within the tree.

Other pests and disease may also cause these symptoms; our St Louis tree service professionals at Bunton & Meyer Tree Service can properly diagnose

your tree problems and give you the best tree care consultation.


& Meyer Tree Service will always try and save trees before removing them,

but if the trees are too heavily infested with EAB to save then find the trusted certified tree service company that can efficiently handle tree removals with minimal

disruption to the rest of the property. To get a better St

Louis tree service consultation you can visit or call

them at 314-480-5835.

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