St Louis SEO and Web Design Company Launches New Digital Marketing Services

LinkRep, a St Louis SEO business marketing agency, launched a comprehensive range of digital marketing and web design services. The agency strives to cater for all online marketing business needs, optimizing websites for mobile devices and creating targeted social media campaigns for improved brand awareness.

Link Rep Web Design and SEO, a St Louis digital marketing agency, launched a comprehensive range of digital marketing strategies and services to compliment their successful SEO consulting and web design business. New digital marketing offerings will include: social media marketing, search and social PPC management, mobile optimization, and online reputation management.

Recent years have seen an enormous growth in investments in online business marketing and advertising dollars. The internet has become a fundamental part of everyday life more and more mobile, and web enabled purchases to take place. Recent surveys report that up to 90% of all clients have used online reviews or search engines in making their buying decisions. Online traffic is, therefore, is crucial to online business success. Traffic studies show that roughly two-thirds of all Google traffic for any particular keyword go to the top three highest ranking search results. These changes dramatically increase the competition for a visible ranking position.

As Google’s ranking algorithm becomes more and more complex, businesses invest increasing amounts of money in professional SEO services. It is no longer possible for the average business owners to optimize their websites without an SEO specialist help. Codes, metadata, micro-data and website indexing make it necessary for businesses to work with professional SEO experts that constantly monitor the algorithm changes.

The main difficulty comes in finding an online marketing agency that offers not only SEO services but a host of additional digital marketing services. Since working with multiple digital marketing agencies is inconvenient and might lead to conflicting results, it is essential for business owners to work with a single agency for SEO, website design, mobile optimization and all other marketing services necessary. Link Rep Web Design and SEO strives to provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing services.

The St Louis SEO company start by optimizing the client’s website for a variety of platforms, including smartphones, tablets and other devices. As mobile recently surpassed desktop searches, this is increasingly important for business success.

The company then focuses on content optimization, photo, video and ad campaigns, social media promotion and online reputation management, in order to generate an increase in brand awareness and conversion rates. Finally, the company also offers mobile app development for improved user experience, micro SEO package services, web design and many other options for website marketing.

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