St Louis Mold Remediation Company Discovers Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

Bio Clean 911,St. Louis Mold Remediation Company, talks about the many property owners who try Do-It-Yourself mold removal solutions that either cause more money or risks their health by increasing mold contamination and exposure through out the home.

St.Louis Mold Remediation Company, Bio Clean 911, is discovering more and more property owners risking their health to alleviate mold problems found in homes and businesses.  Do-it-Yourself (DIY) mold removal is harmful and ineffective without the right equipment, techniques, and chemicals.  If St. Louis mold remediation is not handled properly, the problem can spread rapidly causing more health issues, exponentially higher mold remediation costs, and a higher chance of mold contamination throughout the entire home or building. Toxic mold has caused some serious health cases especially for property owner with no experience with mold remediation techniques or have the right supplies and equipment.  Dangers of toxic mold exposure is easily overlooked because of the assumption by property owners that it is not be as harmful as it looks.

In many cases, indoor mold is visible and obvious, but many times old can grow on hidden surfaces, such as paneling, ceiling tiles, under carpets, and on the backside of drywall.  That’s where DIY mold removal becomes tricky and becomes a bigger task than expected. That’s when it’s time to call a mold removal or St Louis mold remediation company that can perform proper mold testing and give property owners a safe mold evaluation.  Bio Clean 911 has handled hundreds of these mold cases and has seen where property owners have tried to perform DIY mold removal and failed due to lack of the right mold evaluation.  Bio Clean 911 is one of the best St. Louis mold remediation companies should be contracted to handle all mold problems over 10 square feet of surface area size as we follow the IICRC S520 guideline for professional mold remediation. Using the proper equipment and technique is mandatory for effectively reducing mold to acceptable safe levels.

A professional company which follows an approved mold remediation guidelines should be contracted for a number of reasons. First, a professional St. Louis mold remediation company will own the proper equipment to effectively contain the mold problems which will not let spores spread into adjacent areas of the property.  Second, property owners will not have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely remediate the mold.  Third, the St. Louis mold removal company will use chemicals that are much stronger and more effective than anything available to the general public.  Fourth, mold abatement style HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers will be used to remove mold spores from surfaces and the air.  Fifth, post remediation air quality testing will verify that the job is completed properly.

The risk of cross-contaminating adjacent areas of the building are extremely high if the proper containment barriers, negative air machines, air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are used.  Another common problem with “DIY” mold remediation is the re-occurrence of mold growth; if mold spores are left behind by improper remediation, re-growth is likely if moisture (water and / or humidity) is introduced to the environment.  This happens in most cases of DIY mold removal because of the lack of post remediation process.  Even though DIY mold solutions seem like the less costly route at first, it usually ends up costing more and end up having to do it again or finally call a professional mold remediation service anyways.

Bioc Clean 911 is a reputable St. Louis Mold Remediation Company that has seen many instances of DIY gone wrong. The health risk & effects of mold exposure vary depending on the type of mold, level of exposure, and the person exposed. Immuno-compromised individuals & Immuno-altered(i.e. infants, elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions) have an increased chance of suffering health effects. Exposure to mold, ingestion, or inhalation,or by skin contact can result in allergic reactions, infections, or poisonous effects. The symptoms range from a cold and flu-like effects to neurological damage and even death. Think again when deciding on a DIY mold removal project and save your health and money. For mold removal safety information contact St Louis Mold Remediation Company, BioClean 911 at: .

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