St Louis MO Personal Dog Trainer In Home Puppy Training Program Launched

PetVetsOnline announced that a new dog training course is now available for dog owners who want to develop their dog's "hidden intelligence" and eliminate bad behavior. "Brain Training For Dogs” will help eliminate any behavioral problem, regardless of the breed of dog.

PetVetsOnline announced the launch of “Brain Training For Dogs”, a new dog training course focusing on developing each dog’s “hidden intelligence”, to eliminate bad behavior and create the ideal obedient, well-behaved pet. The new online training classes are available in many major cities and locations around the US, including St. Louis, Missouri.

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The newly launched “Brain Training For Dogs” online course was created to address the root cause of each dog’s problem behavior. This new, exciting and unique online dog training course will be presented by Adrienne Farricelli, a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with more than 10 years experience in helping people to eliminate bad behaviors in dogs and turning them into well behaved, obedient, loving pets.

According to the latest research, force and dominance techniques of dog training are outdated, ineffective, and fail to engage the dog on a mental level and thus cannot develop his/her intelligence.

Unlike most dog training programs today, “Brain Training For Dogs” uses force-free and gentle methods, relying on the latest science in dog behavior research to create a strong bond between the owner and their dog. This strategy creates positive emotions in the dog and reinforces positive behaviors.

The online training classes by Adrienne Farricelli are designed to help pet owners bring out the “hidden intelligence” inside every dog. Throughout the course, participants will learn how to quickly eliminate any behavioral problem, no matter how badly ingrained and no matter what breed of dog they have.

Professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli has had her work featured in “USA Today” and “Every Dog” magazine, and has contributed to “eHow” and “All Experts”. She has helped thousands of struggling dog owners all over the world and provided training to service dogs for military veterans.

A satisfied participant said: “Since using Brain Training for Dogs my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It’s not about ‘commanding’ that they perform a behavior, it’s about getting them thinking. I really love this approach to dog training and my dogs do too!”

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