St Louis MO Outdoor Lighting Residential Commercial Low Voltage Lights Launched

Team Green Outdoor Inc. introduces their outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in various areas of Missouri.

Based in St. Louis County, MO, Team Green Outdoor Inc. launches their outdoor lighting services, including design, installation, and maintenance. The company serves both residential and commercial clients in various areas of Missouri.

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The newly launched services are aimed at providing clients with high quality lighting for their landscapes, architecture, pool side, deck, patio, and other outside spaces. The company can take care of anything from coming up with a lighting design for the space, to laying out the necessary wiring, and to installing the lighting accent pieces.

When clients turn to Team Green Outdoor for their requirements, they get access to an unlimited range of top-tier outdoor lighting products and installation equipment. The professional team can be relied upon to stay within budget and the agreed upon timeframe. Once the initial project is done, clients may also ask the team to prepare a custom maintenance program to help keep the new installations in good condition.

In doing their projects, Team Green Outdoor advocates the use of LED ow voltage lighting for several reasons, foremost of which is that it uses 75% less power than their high voltage counterparts, while coming only at a quarter of the price. They also pose reduced risk of electrical shock, feature less obtrusive fixtures, and enable cleaner installations.

For more than 23 years now, Team Green Outdoor has been setting the standards for various professional outdoor services, including drainage solutions, outdoor landscape lighting, land care and lawn maintenance, as well as snow removal and ice control management. The company is an industry leader specializing in offering a full-service approach to their projects to ensure client satisfaction.

Over the years, Team Green Outdoor has served various types of properties, including private estates, villa communities, medical facilities, industrial parks, retirement communities, commercial office parks, retail and public spaces, sports complexes, private subdivision entrances and municipal parks.

Homeowners and property managers interested in the company’s outdoor lighting solutions and their other services may visit the above stated URL for more information.

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