St Louis MO Office Sanitization Disinfection Spray Janitorial Services Launched

ET Superior Services, a Missouri-based janitorial company, has released new sanitization and disinfection tools as part of an update to their office and commercial cleaning services.

ET Superior Services Facility Management, a janitorial company specializing in commercial office cleaning in St. Louis, Missouri, have updated their sanitization and disinfection services. The updates include new deep-cleaning tools for restroom maintenance, as well as electrostatic disinfectant spraying, which is compatible with multiple surfaces.

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The newly updated sanitization and disinfection services aim to combat the potential spread of COVID-19 and ensure clients that they offer clean and safe workspaces for their employees.

Given the large number of people coming and going from an office building on a daily basis, and due to the many shared spaces within them, they often become hubs for the spread of bacteria and viruses. This has been particularly worrying during the pandemic, where numerous COVID-19 cases have been traced back to in-office transmission.

ET Superior Services’ new sanitization and disinfection tools were designed specifically to reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19, as well as other common bugs such as influenza and MRSA.

Electrostatic spraying is a method that both kills active pathogens and significantly reduces the ability of future bacteria and viruses to latch onto surfaces within an office building. In addition, due to the nature of the spray, it allows for the complete disinfection of any workplace, including hard to reach areas.

ET Superior Services offers electrostatic spraying in business offices, restrooms, corporate gyms, conference rooms, break areas, warehouses, and production facilities. The company recommends the use of this technology in high traffic areas in particular.

Alongside these updated services, the company also offers a full range of facility management services including window cleaning, waste removal, dusting, carpet shampooing, floor scrubbing and waxing, and lawn care and landscaping.

Additional information about ET Superior Services and their updated sanitization and disinfection tools can be found at the link above.

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