St Louis MO Chronic Knee Pain Relief Treatment Therapy Service Launched

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Katalyst Pain Management has launched its updated knee pain relief treatment in St. Louis, Missouri. It offers personalized solutions including regenerative medicine to alleviate knee pain.

Katalyst Pain Management has launched its updated knee pain relief treatment service in St. Louis, Missouri. The clinic offers affordable solutions to alleviate knee pain.

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The newly launched updated service takes a different approach to knee pain management than most other clinics. Dr. Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz and her staff at Katalyst Pain Management develop a personalized pain management plan for each patient after listening to them. The Katalyst Pain Management clinic possesses state of the art medical equipment that staff utilize in a customized treatment plan for each patient. Treatment plans can be tailored to alleviate isolated pain in the knee or full-body pain.

Katalyst Pain Management treats not only physical knee pain, but also the consequences of it including depression, medication dependency and sleep deprivation. Staff take a holistic approach examining the entire picture to improve health and well-being for each individual patient.

Katalyst Pain Management also utilizes regenerative medicine for treating knee pain. The clinic uses allopathic and integrative medicinal treatments such as PRP and stem cell injections. These treatments can both manage pain and also help patients look and feel more energetic and vibrant.

Chronic knee pain is pain that is occurring over a long time period, while knee swelling is typically a result of an injury. Chronic knee pain is often the result of osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage breaks down and bones start grinding against each other. Osteoarthritis is caused by aging and the wear and tear of joints over the years.

Treatment for osteoarthritis depends on the severity and can range from creams and gels to corticosteroid shots or acupuncture and massages. In extreme cases of osteoarthritis, a knee replacement may be necessary if all other options are unsuccessful.

The Katalyst Pain Management clinic is located in the Chesterfield district of St. Louis. The clinic is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

For more information about Katalyst Pain Management visit the website listed above or call 314-230-7800.

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