St. Louis Law Firm Awards Teen Determined to Go to College without Parent Help

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Kayla Drake’s parents divorced before she even got to know them leaving her with no ability to pay for her education. But she isn’t letting that stop her from pursuing her big dreams of college and a self-made life.

Kayla Drake’s earliest memories of her parents included frequent verbal and physical altercations. At the threshold of college, Kayla’s childhood continues to affect her. When she turned five, Kayla’s parents divorced and ongoing court battles over custody of both she and her sister continue to this day. The extensive time in court has resulted in significant legal fees, which has left Kayla with no financial means to pay for college tuition.

Nonetheless, Kayla, who will be a college freshman, has remained determined to make her own way. She currently works a part-time job and applies for scholarships so that she can attend Lindenwood University this fall, with a goal of working in public relations in a non-profit focused on environmental sustainability.

Drake summarized her independent, go-getter attitude: “While their (her parents’) financial states are in recovery, I am applying for scholarships and working a part time job because my future depends on it. I am taking my future into my own hands and fully applying myself to achieve my academic goals.”

Kayla’s impressively mature attitude is further highlighted when she talks about her future: “My goals and aspirations are not driven by material items. Success means more to me than buying the latest Ferrari; I want to help people. I am certain my role in this mission will be accomplished through communications. As I observe the current state of our world, I believe becoming culturally aware is vital. I want to work public relations for a sustainable nonprofit, and bridge the gap between cultures.”

Impressed with her vision and fierce determination, Mullen & Mullen, a Dallas based law firm has awarded Kayla with a $1,000 scholarship.

“Unfortunately, life deals us all devastating blows when we seem least able to handle them. At a young age, Kayla already understands life isn’t easy. In spite of what’s happened, she’s still determined to make the best of it and not let it distract her from her goals. That’s impressive for someone of any age, let alone a young adult. We’re happy to give her a hand up with this $1,000 scholarship award,” said Mullen & Mullen Managing Partner Shane Mullen.

After completing her education at Lindenwood University, Kayla has set her sights on a masters in communications at Pittsburgh’s Chatham University. With the strong drive she’s shown already in life, there’s little doubt she’ll realize her goals.

Mullen & Mullen regularly supports teenagers like Kayla with financial assistance for college. More information can be found at their St. Louis location at

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