St Louis Ghost Stories Lemp Mansion Suicide Paranormal Activity Site Launched

Lemp Mansion has a new website called Lemp Stories, advertising the paranormal activity around the house and offering visitors the chance to share their own tales. It offers distinct categories for audio and visual stories, making it easy to find the right one.

A new site has launched for the Lemp Mansion to advertise the story behind the family and the building and offer visitors the chance to find out more about its history. Called Lemp Stories, it is an official site serving as an archive, where visitors can also submit their own stories to share their tales with the world.

More information can be found on the Lemp Stories website at:

The site explains that when John Adam Lemp came to America, he was one of thousands of immigrants seeking a better way of life. He made a fortune with the beer his father taught him to brew, founding an empire following on from his first brewery that opened on Second Street in St Louis.

It goes on to emphasise that this beer fuelled empire was one that soon became filled with intrigue, scandal and mystery, while propelling the Lemp family into the highest levels of St Louis society.

The Lemp Mansion, on Benton Park in St Louis, is the site of four suicides by Lemp family members after the death of the son Frederick Lemp. Since the deaths, the mansion is said to be haunted, and attracts visitors to this day.

Lemp Stories is broken up into distinct categories so visitors can easily find the information most pertinent to them, and share their own. Categories include Audio Stories, Text Stories, EVPs, Pictures and Podcasts.

By clicking on the Audio Stories section, visitors are taken to a section of the site where they can uncover and listen to tales from Lemp Mansion owners, staff, family and friends.

Text Stories is home to small stories written by visitors, detailing the often spooky encounters they’ve experienced in and around the property.

Interested parties wanting to submit their own paranormal experiences can do so by navigating to the Submissions section of the website.

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