St. Louis Foundation & Basement Repair Specialists Launch New Website

Full-service foundation and basement repair specialist Foundation Chief announced the launch of its new website and services to the Greater St. Louis area. Headquartered in Creve Coeur, the company offers inspection, consulting, and repair services pertaining to residential and commercial building foundations.

Foundation and basement repair specialists Foundation Chief announced the launch of their new website and specialized services in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The new website serves as an information resource platform, detailing the firm’s approach, services, service locations, and contact information for customers.

More information about Foundation Chief is available at the company’s new website,

Foundation repair is a critical aspect of the structural integrity of any residential or commercial structure. Broadly, foundation defects may be classified as material defects, structural design anomalies, and defects of occurrence. These defects can hinder the safe distribution of the superstructure load and impair the stability of a building. In some cases, these defects are detected after the foundation is completed.

As a company that provides foundation repair in St. Louis, MO, Foundation Chief covers the major causes of foundation damage such as inconsistent moisture levels, improper drainage, poor run-off management, movement failures, cracks and material defects, as well as structural problems such as cracks, fractures, and improper loading.

Foundation Chief employs an industry-standard process of inspection, evaluation, and repair services for foundation defects. The company usually provides a free evaluation and an estimate of costs for the repairs required and recommends the hiring of contractors who are able to provide a warranty for their services.

According to a spokesperson for Foundation Chief, “Undetected and neglected foundation damage is one of the leading causes of structural damage and consequently, high repair costs. Our new website enables customers to connect with us to ensure that their foundation defects are repaired in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Headquartered in Creve Coeur, a city in the Greater St. Louis area, Foundation Chief is a premier provider of foundation inspection and repair services. The company provides its services to the city of St. Louis, its suburbs, and the cities of St. Charles, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and Florissant, Missouri. Services offered include the thorough inspection and evaluation of damaged foundations and include ancillary services such as basement waterproofing, foundation underpinning, sump pump inspection, and repair solutions based on the type of foundation and the materials used in construction.

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