St Joseph House Selling Statue Expands From Amazon To Jumiah

Online seller of St Joseph home selling statue announces decision to sell on Jumiah Africa

A leading seller of the Saint Joseph house selling statue on Amazon has just announced an expansion from the Amazon platform to Jumiah. The announcement was made earlier this morning in Dublin.

Jumiah is a new online retail store that aims to be the Amazon of Africa. The company was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.The company has been very successful to date and now has warehouses in Nigeria, Egypt, UK, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d”Ivoire, Kenya and Morocco.

The company offers home delivery and overcomes the lack of credit cards in Africa by offering at door payment options.

‘The company has made a decision to expand from the Amazon US and Europe platforms to Africa for a number of reasons. Firstly some of the company founders lived in East Africa for some years and know just how difficult it can be to source niche products. Secondly there is no doubt but that Africa is rising. Finally recent market research has shown that the Saint Joseph statue is used in some parts of Africa to help sell houses just like it is used in the USA and Europe’ commented company spokeswoman today. ‘The company was surprised but delighted to learn that the statue is also used in Africa to help sell houses quickly and seems to have been introduced to Africa by the missionaries’.

The company also sells sage smudge sticks and will offer the sage sticks and free ebook though Jumiah too. The sage smudge is used for cleansing physical spaces, meditating and manifesting. The company expect that the sage will sell well among select interested parties in Africa.

The timelines for the expansion to Jumiah will be discussed in detail at the forthcoming company board meeting on May 1.

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