SR Windows & Glass Launches Phoenix Glass Shower Enclosure Installation Service

Phoenix based glass shower enclosure specialists, SR Windows & Glass, have launched a new glass shower and tub enclosure replacement and installation service. The company has added to its window and glass offering for homeowners and customers in Maricopa County, Arizona.

SR Windows & Glass, a glass and window company in Phoenix, Arizona, have launched new glass shower and tub enclosure products and shower door glass replacement and installation service offering. Included in the new product line are frameless, semi-frameless and framed shower enclosure solutions including glass shower doors, glass tub enclosures and custom glass enclosures.

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The glass shower enclosures and doors installed by SR Windows & Glass are made of tempered glass in various thicknesses ranging from 0.1875 to 0.375 inches. Tempered glass is manufactured using a special heating and rapid cooling process whereby the resulting glass center is in tension, making it stronger than annealed glass.

Glass applications where the door or panel comes in contact with humans is made of tempered glass to meet building codes for safety. When shattered or broken, tempered glass breaks into small glass shards that are harmless to humans. In contrast, annealed glass breaks into large pieces and can easily cut skin.

The cost of glass shower enclosures is based on the thickness and quantity of tempered glass used in the design and layout of the shower. Framed shower enclosures are the least expensive because the tempered glass can be thinner and the weight of the glass panels is supported by the frame system. Frameless showers have the most appealing design but require thicker glass and can cost three times more than framed shower enclosures.

Prior to installation of the glass, SR Windows & Glass will visit the customer’s home or commercial building to measure the opening and make recommendations on the type of glass and framing system for the enclosure. If there is existing shower glass damage, it will be determined if a full replacement is required or if a single glass panel or shower door will need to be replaced. Customers remodeling the shower will get to choose hardware finishes that match the other bathroom fixtures and décor.

Once the design is agreed upon, the company will order the shower glass and hardware package and install the glass at the remodeling job site. The installation process will be completed by a professional glazier and the workmanship is warrantied for one year.

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