Squash Vine Borer Trap Repellent Organic Prevention & Egg Removal Guide Launched

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The famous Dian Farmer blog released a new guide on how to avoid, control and remove vine borer pests and other similar bugs from the squash or zucchini plants.

The award winning gardening blog Dian Farmer has just released a new guide with tips and tricks on how to prevent, control and get rid of squash vine borer infestations without damaging the plants.

More information is available at https://dianfarmer.com.

Vine borer is a species of moth that finds its way into the stem of squash, zucchini and even cucumber plants, prevents them from taking up any nutrients or water, and eventually leads them to wilt and die.

For all those who have to deal with this pest on a regular basis, the award winning gardening blog Dian Farmer has just released a new guide showing how to prevent, control and get rid of the infestations safe and naturally.

The guide shares several different tips and tricks to prevent the moths access to the plants throughout the year, including covering the plants with floating row covers until they begin to flower or wrapping the stems with nylon strips, pantyhose or aluminum foil strips.

It shares a highly effective way to steer the moths away from the plants and make sure they don’t lay their eggs, which involves using yellow sticky traps or yellow bowls with warm soapy water.

It explains how to locate and remove these pests if they have laid the eggs in the plants, including common signs that the plant may be contaminated and the best way to open up the stem, remove the eggs and then help it root and recover.

And it even shares a natural, homemade pest control treatment to be sprayed on the plants and the vine borers, which can be easily put together by adding a teaspoon of neem oil to a bit of mild soap and warm water.

To see the fill squash vine borer guide and all the other gardening and food growing tricks the famous Dian Farmer blog has available, people can visit their website through the link provided above.

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