Springfield MO Organic Worm Casting Services For Plant Water Retention Launched

A Springfield vermiculture company has launched all-natural worm casting products and online resources for growers who want to ensure their plants' survival during summer.

A vermiculture company in Springfield, Missouri specializing in organic worm castings has launched its products and services for gardeners and home growers that want to keep their plants alive during the summer.

More information is available at https://www.simplegrowsoil.com

Simple Grow Soil offers 100% pure worm castings to growers who want an organic alternative to commercial fertilizers. The company’s main product is Simple Grow Soil Builder, an all-natural worm casting brand that is available in different sizes.

The company has also published The Ultimate Guide to Worm Castings, an online resource that gives growers information on the science and benefits of worm castings. The guide can be accessed at https://www.simplegrowsoil.com/pages/ultimate-guide-to-worm-castings

Worm castings, also known as vermicast, are a type of organic fertilizer that are sourced from the manure of earthworms. They provide several benefits to plants, such as nutrients, soil aeration, moisture retention, pest resistance, and disease protection.

This type of vermicompost can be mixed in with the soil, “broadcast” or spread out on top of the planting area, or sprayed after being mixed into a “tea” mixture with water and molasses.

What sets Simple Grow Soil Builder apart is the quality of the castings. Worm type determines the quality of castings, and some worms like red wriggler worms are not ideal producers because of the kind of food they consume.

Simple Grow Soil harvests its castings from a variety of African nightcrawlers. These worms consume more nutritious organic matter found in the soil, making them a better source of high-quality castings.

Worm castings can simulate healthy plant growth owing to their microbial activity. They contain helpful enzymes and healthful bacteria from the digestive system of worms, which can promote the healthy growth of plants.

Earthworm castings offer many of the nutrients needed by plants to grow, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, and sulfur. These nutrients make worm castings an ideal supplement for barren soil.

Moreover, worm castings can help plants survive in areas with high temperatures by giving them more access to moisture. Castings are finer than the material that makes up soil, allowing more moisture to penetrate.

“Gardeners and home growers can now better prepare their plants for the damaging heat of summer,” a company spokesperson said. “Worm castings provide all kinds of plants the nutrients and moisture they need to survive the dry season.”

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