Springfield IL Farming Automated Process System For Reduced Labor Costs Launched

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Xtreme Automation has updated its cost-saving system for farms and cooperatives in Springfield, Illinois looking to reduce labor costs and increase productivity by automating their processes.

Xtreme Automation has launched its updated systems which provide farmers and cooperatives in Springfield, Illinois with the ability to automate their processes with touchscreen controls for energy and labor savings.

More information is available at https://xtremeautomationllc.com/

The newly updated automation solution features an intuitive and secure system that can monitor and control inventories and transactions, as well as practical details such as moisture content.

Many farmers can find that they have a high turnover of employees that is often related to the industry’s need for seasonal or temporary workers. This rotation of staffing can cause high labor costs due to the extra time needed for each new employee to learn a business’s systems. Xtreme Automation offers a more manageable and cost-effective solution to this issue with its easy-to-learn touchscreen systems.

By using the proprietary ‘QB Technology’ system, the automation service simplifies many of a farm or cooperative’s processes in order to streamline a business’s daily tasks as well as reducing the training time for new staff. The system was designed specifically with the user in mind, creating easy-to-understand touchscreen displays for intuitive navigation and control.

Farms that implement Xtreme Automation’s systems have reportedly seen a reduction in their labor costs and an increase in productivity. Furthermore, companies also noted a lower frequency of errors, as the system makes processes easier to monitor, manage, and maintain.

Implementation of the QB Technology is also beneficial for businesses looking to reduce their energy bills, as the system can lower energy use by making a farm run more efficiently. The savings made by cooperatives using the automation software can often cover the cost of the system itself within as little as three years, making it a profitable long-term investment.

Xtreme Automation is able to provide automation systems for farms in and around the Springfield area of Illinois as well as across the US, Canada, and South America. The company also offers industry-leading customer services with 24/7 phone support for clients should they need assistance with their systems at any time.

A spokesperson for Xtreme Automation said, “Our goal is simple, we want every business owner who uses our software to have a positive experience while using it.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://xtremeautomationllc.com/

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