Spotify Streaming Music Curator/Marketing Playlist Submission Service Updated

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Playlist Plugger has updated its visibility and marketing services for artists to include social media marketing and blog exposure.

While digital streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube have continued to increase in popularity, many music artists find it difficult to get their songs on recommended playlists, where they can get the exposure they need. Playlist Plugger specializes in getting artists listed in well-known playlists, and their updated services also provide several other types of exposure.

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The updated services from Playlist Plugger allow artists a wider range of options for getting their music noticed, and increasing their brand visibility. For artists who need help in finding the right look, the company offers logo and cover designs, as well as professional photography and brand consultancy services.

While no company can guarantee placement on specific playlists, Playlist Plugger has partnerships with playlist curators that allow them to pitch artists for the playlists they are most well suited for. The company acknowledges that not every song will be popular enough to make a playlist and provides refunds to artists for any music that is not approved.

To provide the best opportunities possible for artists to have their music heard by people who will appreciate it, the company does not pitch songs to general or all-purpose playlists. Every song is pitched only to genre-specific playlists, as a way of improving its chances of finding a receptive audience.

The Basic Spotify Playlist Service, Playlist Pluggers bottom-tier plan, offers artists an affordable way to get their songs on 3 to 5 popular playlists, where they can reach audiences of 35,000 to 50,000 listeners. Because of the way many listeners often skip songs, the company estimates most artists will receive around 5,000 full song streams with this option. To learn more about the Basic package, please visit

Playlist Plugger is known as the number one Spotify playlist plugging service and has a 5 out of 5-star rating with the site TrustPilot. All of their submissions go to proven, popular playlists, and never to playlist bots.

A satisfied client said, “Better results than expected. I used this service for the first time – in under two days, they got us on 48 playlists. Also super responsive, great customer service. Give them room to breathe and get going and they’ll do good things for you.”

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