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A lack of pain seems to be the signal that it’s time to get back to their sport but Mark Lin a Sydney-based sports podiatrist warns that absence of pain is not an accurate measurement of recovery.

Absence of pain not an accurate measurement of recovery warns sports podiatrist.

Sportspeople, whether amateur or professional, love what they do. Whether it’s just the daily run or preparation for serious competitions, life just doesn’t seem the same without the activity that gives them so much pleasure. Unfortunately, injuries put all that on hold – at least until they’re recovered. For many, a lack of pain seems to be the signal that it’s time to get back on track with their favourite sport, but Mark Lin, a Sydney-based sports podiatrist warns that absence of pain is not an accurate measurement of recovery.

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Mark Lin uses the “tip of the iceberg” analogy to demonstrate his point. The really big problem – be it muscle dysfunction or issues with the alignment of feet and ankles – could be hidden.

The human body is very good at compensating when things aren’t quite right. The good and the bad thing about that is that pain isn’t necessarily the only symptom of trouble. At the same time, the way in which people adjust their movements to compensate means that the body isn’t working as it’s designed to. The result is inevitable – especially when people are pushing themselves to the limits. Having had enough of the strain, something “gives”, and their body lets them know that enough is enough by sending pain signals.

Recovery from traumatic injuries, though they are a sudden occurrence, works in much the same way. The body compensates, and initial treatment interventions provide faster relief. With pain no longer present, many athletes will decide that it’s time to get active again. It’s risky, warns Lin. The chances of being injured anew are very real – unless the movement mechanisms are back up and working in exactly the way they should.

At the Footwork Clinic, Mark and his team will strive to eliminate pain and discomfort, and they will apply various therapies to speed recovery, but the healing process must still run its course.

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As with so many things sport-related, knowing when someone is ready to return to track or field requires teamwork. Just as sportspeople rely on coaches and trainers to boost their performance when they are well, they need to rely on their team of therapists to help them assess their recovery following a sports injury.

Mark and his Footwork Clinic team are able to assess recovery and demonstrate the progress sportspeople are making in this direction using scientifically-proven measurements and technological advances. “Sports podiatrists know that people are eager to get active again,” says Lin, “but it would be irresponsible to give them the go-ahead until there is evidence that they’re ready. Healthcare professionals won’t hold sports-lovers back a minute longer than is necessary, and they understand that sportspeople feel frustrated when they can’t be as active as they usually are, but real healing takes time, even when therapies are fast-tracking the process.”

“The Footwork Clinic specialises in feet, ankles, and lower limbs. For upper-body injuries, sportspeople may be working with other therapy professionals. However, regardless of the type of injury, it’s important to understand that feeling better and being better aren’t necessarily the same thing.”

In closing, Mark notes that when someone pushes their body to the max it might uncover breaking points they didn’t even know existed. Assessment could uncover hidden dangers. “Just as people visit the dentist to make sure their teeth are OK, it is advisable to visit a sports podiatrist for assessment before underlying issues manifest themselves in the form of pain or injury.”

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