Sports Medicine Brooklyn Holistic Injury Recovery Pain Management Clinic Opened

A new sports medicine and holistic pain management clinic has been launched, called Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. They provide non-invasive treatments and recovery programs to help residents and athletes achieve their wellness goals.

Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has launched a new clinic with a focus on helping local New York patients to get back to peak fitness faster. They offer specialized orthopedic treatment options, sports medicine, and chiropractic care for the treatment and management of pain and injuries.

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The Brooklyn based sports medicine specialists are a team of experts who synchronize within multiple musculoskeletal specialities to create a complete and comprehensive medical plan based on each patients’ individual goals.

They offer the latest in cutting-edge solutions and technology to provide minimally invasive treatment plans while focusing on an old fashioned style of care.

Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine highlight that a member of their team of specialists will work with patients throughout their treatment. From diagnosis to recovery, patients will have an expert to talk to.

Furthermore, their dedicated team of doctors and support staff have extensive experience treating patients of all ages and experience levels. This ranges from pediatric care to full-service solutions for professional athletes.

The full range of treatments at Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine includes orthopedics, sports medicine, podiatry, pain management, chiropractic care, and acupuncture.

Their solutions are focused on helping local residents and athletes to improve their health and performance. Services are centered on preventing injuries, improving nutrition, and recovering from injury faster.

Patients can get in touch for expert-guided rehabilitation programs, preventative care solutions, and education on the best methods to improve peak performance. A focus on sports medicine covers the fundamental principles of performance, recovery and rehab to ensure that athletes can raise their play and achieve their goals.

Holistic, non-invasive treatment solutions like acupuncture and chiropractic care ensure that patients are able to recover faster and get back to the lifestyle that they enjoy. Chiropractic treatments can relieve pain, while improving joint mobility and health.

The combined approach to holistic wellness and pain management ensures that the recovery process can be faster, with better, longer-lasting results.

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