Spokane Washington Optavia Coaching Weight Loss And Health Services Launched

Optavia weight loss coaching for whole lifestyle wellness launched in the Spokane, Washington area with three types of support plans to help clients find opulence in health.

Tara Stucker, a certified Optavia coach, is launching health coaching services in the Spokane, Washington area. Optavia coaching guides clients to finding opulence in health, which entails weight satisfaction, body satisfaction, and emotional satisfaction, as well as financial and relational wellness.

For more information, please visit https://www.opulent-media.com/opulent-health-coaching

Stucker’s coaching was launched in response to the current pandemic’s negative impact on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Optavia coaching offers four essential components for success: an Optavia coach, a Habits of Health system, a supportive community, and three different scientifically proven meal plans with over 80 products to choose from.

There are a variety of struggles that compel people to turn to Optavia coaching, including inability to lose weight or weight gain, fatigue, depression, menopause, diabetes, metabolic problems, and emotional eating.

Optavia nurtures the whole self: mind, body, spirit, health, and relationships. Rather than focusing only on diet, Optavia takes a whole-lifestyle approach to maximize each client’s chance of success.

Studies have shown that having someone as a support and guide during a weight loss journey increases the chances of success in arriving at an optimal weight. Stucker’s coaching provides that support and guidance and connects each client to the larger Optavia community.

Stucker will help her clients develop new healthy habits and make better, healthy choices that enable lifelong wellness. Her coaching keeps clients accountable and helps celebrate little victories that all add up to whole life wellness.

In an initial assessment, Stucker will work through a Health Assessment with each client to set goals for the duration of the coaching. Stucker will then place an order of Optavia products for the client and checks in each week to discuss wins, successes, non-scale-related victories, and other struggles.

There are three coaching plans: one with full weekly coaching, the “Coach Me” plan, one with slightly less regulated support, the “Give Me Some” plan, and one that enables people to order Optavia products without the coach, the “I’m Too Busy” plan. Clients can choose based on how much coaching support they feel they need.

Says an Optavia client who lost 90 pounds, “I’m truly enjoying life. I love waking up and getting out, I love being more active with my dogs, I love being able to shop at whatever store I want, and I love the way I feel. I no longer think negatively about myself. Instead, I empower myself.”

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