Spiritual Life Coach Vanessa Marie Dewsbury’s Book Reaches #1 on Amazon

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Spiritual Life Coach Vanessa Marie Dewsbury’s Book reaches #1 on Amazon. Release 1/11/2018, heart is where the home is, has captured #1 bestselling status in three categories on Amazon

The Coach Training Academy wishes to celebrate the success of one of their graduates, Spiritual Life Coach Vanessa Dewsburry.

Since its release on January 11, 2018, heart is where the home is has captured the hearts and souls of readers from around the world, reaching #1 bestselling status in three categories on Amazon, and currently holds more than 70 five-star reviews on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

A soulful book that encourages the reader to look within and reconnect with who they really are, heart is where the home is empathizes the importance of being authentic, following your heart, pursuing your dreams and passions, and loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are; it also reminds readers that they are not alone.

“We live in a seemingly overwhelmed world, distractions are everywhere, distracting us from who we really are,” said Dewsbury. “It was important for me to write a book that was easy to read and delivers insight and guidance that was simple to digest yet powerful and profound for the reader.”

Inspired by health issues in 2012, Dewsbury, who is a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master began her journey of natural healing after unsuccessful attempts to find answers through Western medicine. She eventually found relief through natural healing therapies such as acupuncture, meditation yoga, and natural herbs.

By connecting within and addressing old wounds, she was able to release and heal what was unconsciously affecting her health. This internal shift not only healed her health issues but awakened a well of wisdom and newfound perspective on life, which she shares with those around her.

According to Dewsbury, many people today live to please others and, by doing so, go against the grain of their soul, causing stress, anxiety, and depression.

“The more we ignore our truth,” she said, “the louder it gets.”

Dewsbury will be releasing her second book, Majestic Reflections spring 2019.

What some readers had to say:

“I absolutely could not put this book down! It’s been so long since I’ve found a book that truly touched my entire being! I want to share it with everyone so much that I not only downloaded a copy I had to order the paperback as well! Thank you so much for writing this book through your place of love.”

“I am truly grateful for the simplicity and gentle grace this book provides. The amount I resonated with each page, continues to assure me, that I am in fact, not alone on my journey. Vanessa has an absolute talent for connecting with the reader. I feel as though she is writing, just to me, and sharing, exactly how I am feeling. I enjoy every page, every word and every lesson. Beautiful Book. Thank you.”

“A beautifully written book from the heart. Throughout my reading I experienced many “a-ha” moments. This book serves as a gentle reminder for all of us to live our lives on purpose, in gratitude and connected to our spiritual journeys. A real, raw and relevant read. I highly recommend.”

“What a beautifully written book! This book really hit home for me. It taught me so much about self love and respect and I couldn’t have picked it up at a better time. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I will be gifting this book to friends and family. I feel everyone would strongly benefit from this read. Vanessa is such a well articulated, talented and beautiful soul!”

About the Author

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury, is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who graduated from The Coach Training Academy, a coach training school accredited by both the ICF (International Coach Federation) and CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance).

She has been featured on international podcasts, blogs and has appeared on local T.V. shows and in newspaper articles. For those ready for the challenge, to make real long-lasting progress, to embrace the richness in life, Vanessa is available to coach, mentor, and guide. She provides one-on-one sessions, group workshops, webinars and speaking engagements. For additional information on Vanessa Marie Dewsbury, including her inspiration, challenges and path to achieving success visit https://thecoachtrainingacademy.com/vanessa-marie-dewsbury-spiritual-life-coach/

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