Spiritual Energy Boosting Meditation Exercise Wellness Online Course Launched

Vibravision® launched its Energy Expansion Program, an online course that combines exercises, meditation, and energy building practices for achieving happiness and living life to the fullest.

Vibravision® announced the launch of its Energy Expansion Program, an on-demand health and energy-boosting course based on secret ancient Indonesian energy building exercises and meditation techniques.

More information is available at https://www.vibravision.academy/courses/energy-expansion-course

The newly launched program aims to help its participants build their strength and spirit, alleviate stress, awaken energy and live a happier, healthier life.

Chronic stress can affect a person’s well-being and health. It can cause headaches, muscle tension, and sleeping issues. It leads to mental exhaustion, leaving the person emotionally drained and physically tired. Low energy levels make it difficult to meet work demands and find motivation for achieving personal goals.

Vibravision® is a unique practice that combines physical exercises, deep transcendent meditation, intuition development techniques, and consciousness expansion practices. The practice is based on Merpati Putih, a martial arts, breathwork, and meditation system developed by the Royal Family of Central Java, Indonesia, which was kept secret for five hundred years.

Participants of the Energy Expansion Program will get on-demand access to classes, exercises, meditations, and secret practices that will allow them to combat stress and anxiety, boost their immune system, and improve overall health.

The ancient wisdom helps the participants open their hearts and minds to the world, perceive the vibrational energy of everything around them, achieve inner peace and happiness, and live up to their greatest potential.

Individuals interested in participating in the program can sign up for a free 50-minute cardio stretching energy-awakening workout. It is the precursor to the Energy Expansion Program.

Mike and Nate Zeleznick, the course instructors and co-founders, learned Vibravision® training techniques directly from the Royal Family of Central Java, every one of the system Masters, and numerous Indonesian Special Forces members. Mike is the highest-ranking non-Indonesian instructor of the Merpati Putih martial arts system.

“The owners are two amazing people,” said a satisfied client. “The meditation methods and breathing techniques they teach here are a game-changer. The course is highly recommended to everyone.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website, as well as https://youtu.be/gpreEZj6BvM

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