Spiritual Awakening Book Bundle – CSP Launches Mind & Body Healing Story Set

Connected Spirit Publications, a leading publisher of inspirational books and stories, announced the availability of Clif Taylor’s Complete set of Connected Spirit Publications in one affordably-priced bundle.

The set features popular titles that aim to empower, inspire, unite, and uplift the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Author/Publisher Clif Taylor, who considers himself as much a messenger as an author and publisher, has written, edited, and published a wide range of books and stories. Diverse in genre and message, Connected Spirit Publications’ books are designed to spotlight the gifts, challenges, and wonderment that life offers everyone.

The full collection is available at https://www.cliftaylor.com

The announcement brings readers a series of popular books that can facilitate spiritual transformation and personal growth using a series of practical techniques developed by the author.

Taylor’s most recent publication is Clear, Calm, and Open – the latest in a series dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of intuition and mindfulness for leading a healthy, happy life.

The book was launched in the fall of 2021 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Connected Spirit Publications. Clear, Calm and Open introduces a healing and mindfulness technique for raising one’s consciousness and intuition. The practical methods have been discovered and tested by the author, as Connected Spirit Publications was conceived and realized using the same techniques.

As part of the book’s mission to empower everyone to discover the power of intuition, a free report can be requested at https://www.clearcalmandopen.com

Now available as part of the book bundle, the book is part of Clif Taylor’s inspirational journey of self-discovery and growth – a journey which started with his inaugural book, Connect.

This first book sets the foundation for Taylor’s discovery of the importance of reaching clarity, becoming calm, and remaining open – essential elements for developing balance, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Writing Connect led to the development of Connected Spirit Publications, which in turn triggered Taylor’s release of Connections – the follow-up book to Connect – and ultimately the discovery of the Clear, Calm, and Open healing and mindfulness technique.

The new book bundle includes the following titles: Connect, Connections, Awakenings, Mountain Man, Someone has to Protect the Children, and The Complete Short Stories of Connected Spirit Publications.

In addition to book-length titles, Clif Taylor’s Complete Set of Connected Spirit Publications also offers an array of short stories and children’s books available in all formats – pdf, epub, and mobi.

For adventure enthusiasts, Taylor has authored two noteworthy adventure short stories. “Climbing Kilimanjaro” takes the reader alongside Taylor as he is tested physically and enlightened spiritually while embarking upon and completing the epic accomplishment of climbing the legendary mountain.

“Wheels Up”, Taylor’s account of the time he spent as a contractor in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, is a compelling story that shows the war from a civilian’s perspective.

Connected Spirit Publication’s innovative approach to sharing a compilation of published titles for one price – $24.95 – in MOBI, pdf, and ePub formats is driven by one intention: to positively engage every reader in the way that inspires them most.

About Connected Spirit Publications

Formed as the publishing house for Connect, Clif Taylor’s first book written and published in 2006, Connected Spirit Publications is a collaborative publishing venture in association with Gold Leaf Press.

CSP is a reflection of its publisher, Clif Taylor – authentic, purpose-driven, and devoted to positively impacting people around the world through meaningful literary works.

A CSP spokesperson said, “Upon viewing CSP’s range of titles, it’s easy to see that Clif Taylor’s goal of inspiring people to ‘hear above the noise and below the silence’ is quite attainable.”

“It’s important to me that every child and adult is exposed to the love and blessings that surround us every day; I can think of no better way to get my messages out than through published literary works, which is why I’ve made them so accessible,” Taylor added.

Interested parties can purchase a copy of Clif Taylor’s Complete Set of Connected Spirit Publications and discover all of Connected Spirit Publications’ books, stories, and messages at https://www.cliftaylor.com

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