Spiritual Astrology Announces Redesigned Mobile Friendly Website

Spiritual Astrology Reading website announces a newly designed website with mobile and multi-platform accessibility. The website focus is to provide information to individuals on the spiritual path with access to astrological wisdom to help guide them on their journey.

Spiritual Astrology Reading is pleased to announce the redesign and launch of its website http://spiritual-astrology-reading.com. The new site is user friendly and mobile friendly.

Anne Thompson, owner of Spiritual Astrology Reading feels that it is helpful for seekers to understand when astrology signals a crises that leads to spiritual awakening. Further, she explains, “The crises of identity happens many times when a person is going through a difficult period in life, often with feelings of hopelessness and despair. Knowing that there is a purpose and understanding what the astrological influences are a person can then use this knowledge to honor the process as they seek healing and wholeness. Once an individual steps onto the spiritual path and sees the world with different eyes, it is supportive for them to know how to be in tune with their inner selves as they move towards higher levels of cosmic understanding.”

Spiritual Astrology Reading website is a response to the spiritual awakening that has erupted since Uranus went into Aries and Pluto squared Uranus promoting deep cultural and individual change towards a more holistic understanding of personal and world events. Visibility on the internet is expected in order to find current astrological interpretations. Many people share the belief that humanity is making a huge shift in consciousness and are on their personal journey of spiritual awakening.

“There are signs all around us that humanity is awakening to the reality of the soul—the higher aspect of a person that realizes happiness is not found in the material world.” Thompson explains.

Thompson continues “This crucial time in today’s world the consciousness of individuals is seeking to evolve, people want to know the nature of being, the essential truth of who they are, their purpose and are on the path of transformation.”

Based on spiritual and evolutionary astrology, the website is for individuals who want to know more about awakening spiritually and desire to explore different avenues to ones highest, authentic and essential self.

A visitor to the website will find articles on how astrology can help them along with their spiritual journey. In addition one can join the newsletter to receive the latest postings. According to Thompson “It is very important to acknowledge the emotional crises that people go through which ultimately leads them to discover ones true inner nature and brings more peace and compassion onto the planet”.

A visitor to the website will find information on the astrological influences that govern the path of the mystic along with information on the various planetary phases in life that would be considered the best time to take a sabbatical from the everyday world to retreat and explore essential truths of being.

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