Spine-Friendly Ergonomic Work Chair For Back And Neck Pain Reduction Announced

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all33, an innovative chair design company, announces their chiropractic-approved patented BackStrong ergonomic chair to help people seated for extended periods of time stimulate spine movement and eliminate back pain.

With the goal of providing posture, back, and spine support, all33’s BackStrong chair is recommended for those who sit for extended periods of time and have back pain associated with poor body alignment. Now clients can purchase an ergonomic chair to start their journey towards great posture and improved health and well-being.

Go to https://bit.ly/All33WorkChair for more information.

The new high-quality BackStrong Chair was designed by chiropractors and also contributes towards better breathing as well as improved focus and concentration whilst working.

Most people cannot avoid remaining in a seated position for many hours at a time. Ever-revolving digital lifestyles and work demand this. Negative consequences of a seated lifestyle can result in obesity, back pain, and many other health conditions. The underlying challenge is that people are not moving enough and adopt poor sitting posture as well. All of these can have a negative impact on their lives and sense of well-being.

The BackStrong chair creates perfect posture with its Sit-In-Motion technology, providing much-needed lumbar support and natural movement of the pelvis and back. It was designed to fit the spine’s curvature, which can prevent slouching, removing strain from the neck and shoulders.

The benefits of using the all33 BackStrong chair include increased flexibility with good posture development that also leads to reduced fatigue due to improved blood circulation. This, in turn, provides more oxygen to the muscles and greatly reduces neck and shoulder strain.

The black-frame ergonomic chair comes in three color choices, namely black, red and tan. Each chair is upholstered in soft high-grade vegan leather, has arms that can fold away, and can be adjusted pneumatically for the desired seat height. Additional features are that it has a 360-degree swivel, smooth castors, and a quick and easy assembly process.

A satisfied client said, “I wasn’t sure about getting such an expensive chair but when I saw the Refurbished BackStrong chair, I jumped, and OH SO GLAD I did. I love this chair. So comfortable and is great for my ‘not so great’ back with its lower support.”

For more information, go to https://bit.ly/All33WorkChair

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