Spin Class Online Fitness No Bike Cycling Virtual Ab Training Program Launched

Belin Sport & Fitness has launched the first virtual spin class with no bikes. iSPINN is an effective, high-intensity spin-inspired workout that can be done in thirty minutes from anywhere.

Washington, DC-based fitness company Belin Sport & Fitness has launched a new type of spin class. To adapt to the current situation with many places still in lockdown, the company has created a high intensity spin class that people can do from home, without a bike.

More information can be found by visiting: https://nobikesallowed.bfitdc.net

iSPINN is the first spin-inspired workout that participants can do from home with no bike or gym equipment. The program focuses on developing the same muscles used in a traditional spin class, plus it places extra focus on developing ab strength.

The team at Belin Sport & Fitness have developed this new type of spin class to give people another alternative when companies like SoulCycle and Cycle Bar are still closed. It’s also a cheaper alternative to stationary home workout bikes like Peloton.

BSF’s lead trainer is one of the top personal trainers in the tri-state area and has been a contestant on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. He has been working with Belin Sport Fitness for some time and has been alongside them in developing the iSPINN program.

To date, the company has helped many people reach their goals to lose weight and to get their bodies back in shape. This year has been difficult for people with gyms and motivational group training programs being shut down, but people can take control of the current situation by joining a virtual iSPINN class from wherever they are.

The program has received many positive real-life reviews from people who have taken the class, including this online testimonial reading, “Awesome workout! The iSPINN online workouts definitely crushed me. The combination of core, legs, arms and cardio workout without a spin bike was amazing! The works are short and high intensity.”

iSPINN classes run for thirty minutes and the creators promise that participants will burn more calories than in a traditional spin or Peloton class. Interested parties can find more information and sign up for a sneak-peek at the link above.

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