Spike in Residential Elevator Construction Is a Result Of Aging Baby Boomers

With the number of aging baby boomers growing by the day, the importance of in-home accessibility is at an all-time high. Leading this trend, residential elevators are starting to become a realistic accommodation for many.

It is estimated that around 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day, which is leading to residential construction planning changes like the spike in elevator construction.

Baby boomers want accessibility, and they want the simple life at home. It is no secret that age comes with a number of possible afflictions, such as flexibility issues among many other problems. This makes things like staircases a major nuisance for those of a certain age.

Of course, many seniors are still healthy at 65 and beyond, but many are thinking ahead. This means they want elevators, even if they do not necessarily need them right now. Some are imagining the possibility of an issue in the future that would make elevators vital.

Michele Peters, the CEO at Wiltek Elevator, Inc chimed in regarding this spike and said the following:

“We’ve seen an increase in home elevator installations for both new home construction and retrofitting existing homes. Our clients are choosing to stay in their homes longer and why not, technology is making it possible.”

Baby boomers who are retiring do not want to leave their homes. This is where they built their lives, so a lot of them are hoping that retrofitting their homes with a residential elevator will make it easy to stay at home.

Of course, there is also another group of baby boomers looking for a new place to settle. Baby boomers are starting to notice that there are a lot of choices out there. All a senior has to do is type in residential property with elevators on their phones to find these options.

Those who want to compete with others will have to start accommodating seniors better than they did before. The baby boomer population is still one of the largest population groups, which means they are still a big group to tackle.

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