Spendthrift Trust – Property Capital Gains/Income Tax Deferral Ebook Launched

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Casper, Wyoming-based Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs has launched an ebook on spendthrift trusts, an arrangement that allows people to defer capital gains and income taxes.

Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs of Casper, Wyoming, announces the launch of its new ebook. Titled “What Would Billionaires Do?,” this volume teaches readers how to drastically reduce income and capital gains taxes through a spendthrift trust.

More information about Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs is available via https://bit.ly/2OzUBTr

This book’s goal is to help people maximize their earnings from the real estate investments they make. The book is written by Garret Gunderson, the best-selling author of “What Would The Rockefellers Do?”

According to Gunderson, a spendthrift trust keeps a person’s legacy safe by barring creditors and even potential heirs from accessing it. However, it also provides a crucial tax benefit as it cannot be taxed as a corporate entity would be.

As a result, a person can defer their capital gains and income taxes indefinitely, allowing them to pass on greater wealth to their inheritors. This tactic is also compatible with IRS Tax Code § 643, which governs the qualifications for estate and gift tax deductions.

By employing this strategy, Gunderson says that individuals can essentially create their own bank that builds wealth for them. He likens spendthrift trusts to a titanium vault, in that assets cannot be taxed or touched while they are under this arrangement.

Because assets are protected, people can also effectively earn over 4% in compound interest for every dollar that they earn moving forward. Over the years, this accumulated interest can greatly increase the value of a spendthrift trust.

People may download the ebook for free by simply filling out a short registration form. Those who receive the book will also get a bonus module that teaches them how to pay off their mortgage in less than half the time.

Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs is a leading real estate advisor that provides advanced investment strategies to optimize returns.

A spokesperson says: “It is great to make a lot of money. But it is also important to keep as much of it as possible and grow it for future generations. This is what you will learn in our new ebook.”

Interested parties may visit https://bit.ly/2OzUBTr for further details about Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs and the ebook.

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