Speech Language Therapists Get New Patients Even With A Small Marketing Budget

An online business directory has been launched to connect individuals with speech language disorders to speech language pathologists who are available to treat locally or via tele-med.

A new therapy clinic directory has been launched to connect individuals with speech language disorders to specialist therapy providers. The Therapy Tree Directory helps therapy professionals get in front of new patients in need of their specialized therapy and rehabilitation services. In addition to providing a platform for SLPs to market their therapy services, the marketing team helps members with ideas to get new patients online via the directory newsletter.

Find out more at https://www.therapytreedirectory.com

The newly launched online directory is headed by a team of marketing experts and professional therapists. The team has helped countless small businesses grow even with a small marketing budget.

“The biggest problem we see with individual therapists and small practices is that they don’t have an online marketing plan,” says Christina Estrada, one of the company partners. “They think having a website and a social media profile is going to make the phones ring. When that doesn’t work, they spend a ton of time networking, hoping somebody knows somebody who needs a speech language pathologist, medical fitness specialist, or other rehab specialist. That kind of ‘hope’ marketing isn’t sustainable.”

The Therapy Tree Directory is the best advertising platform for therapists to get new patients in the door. The rehab therapy directory works tirelessly to market their members nationwide. They want to ensure those who need speech language therapy can find trusted speech language pathologists available to help. The cutting edge marketing techniques employed by the directory get new patients online to visit member’s profiles and schedule a consultation.

Speech language pathologists in private or small practices can sign up for the platform and take advantage of the expert marketing team. The Therapy Tree Directory offers four tiers of membership for therapists across many disciplines. Those who are ready to aggressively grow their practice should sign up for the Blossom Plan. At the Blossom membership level, members gain access to the directory’s expert marketing team to build their online visibility and client engagement.

Therapists who are struggling to get traction online can list their practice on the directory and receive an instant boost in new patient inquiries. The Therapy Tree Directory marketing team helps speech language pathologists get more new patients to keep their practice busy during the slow seasons and have a calendar full of new patient consultations.

A company spokesperson said: “If you’re a speech language pathologist who wants a dependable, consistent stream of new clients to your practice, Therapy Tree Directory is here. We will teach you how to get new patients and support you in the process. Our goal is to make this directory THE place for patients and therapists to connect to make a difference.”

To find out more or join the directory, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.

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