Speculative Science Fiction For Young Adult, Teens: Clean Fantasy EZine Launched

A new, quarterly speculative fiction ezine is launched by a family team of talented sibling writers. T Spec Fiction specializes in clean sci-fi and fantasy for teens and young adults.

The Thibeaux sisters are three women who have been sharing stories with one another since they were children. So it seemed a natural step for the young gifted writers to form their own e-zine dedicated to creating those stories.

You can read more about the Thibeaux’s vision for their e-zine and the details of their family run publishing label at their website: www.tspecfiction.com.

T Spec Fiction is a quarterly e-zine dedicated to creating science fiction and fantasy stories appropriate for the whole family. Family and stories have always been important to the Thibeaux sisters, and T Spec Fiction is the result.

“We want to provide clean speculative fiction with an emphasis on adventure,” says Tor Thibeaux, the oldest sister of the trio. “Each issue of T Spec Fiction will feature seven stories and will cover genres such as steampunk, historical fantasy, magical realism, and more.”

T Spec Fiction just celebrated the release of their first issue and they are already preparing their second issue for release in October of 2020. In between issues, they will be publishing other content, including serials, podcasts, and eventually anthologies.

As the trend of YA books for tweens and teens becomes more mature, parents and librarians struggle to find content appropriate for the young readers in their lives. While many call the trend realistic, the fact remains that the trend for overly-mature content loses a lot of readers.

T Spec wants to cater to that need. They are not settling just for good, but for the best: producing quality fiction that anyone could enjoy.

“We see the parents trying to find good literature for their kids,” says Jaq Thibeaux. “We saw our own mom go through the same scenario. Mature content can lose a lot of readers. To us, it’s about integrity. Our goal with T Spec Fiction is to keep it clean, but to never cheat our readership. Readers looking for action and adventure that they can share with the whole family will not be disappointed.”

“Speculative fiction is everywhere,” says Al Thibeaux, “but we are seeing a niche that has largely gone unfilled. There is a real market for clean science fiction and fantasy that is not being met. That’s where T Spec Fiction comes in. Our goal is to produce the kind of speculative fiction that we wanted to read as teens. Science Fiction and fantasy with all the speculation and thrills we expect from the genre—but from a conservative perspective.”

With the launch of the new website, the Thibeaux sisters have indicated that they’re just getting started. Their plan is to publish new, fresh content quarterly. So when their fans visit, they’ll always be pleased with the selection and volume of great spec sci fi and fantasy stories available.

To be a part of the adventure, find out more at www.tspecfiction.com.

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