Specific Mechanical Launches Pot Still Perfect For Craft Distilleries

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Specific Mechanical Systems created a traditional pot still, allowing craft distilleries and micro-distilleries to create flavorful and unique small-batch spirits.

Victoria BC based Specific Mechanical Systems has launched a line of 500 litre – 10,000 litre traditional pot stills to bring any flavor to life in a spirit.

Each traditional pot still is 100% hand built from the highest quality copper and stainless steel, engineered for the production of high-quality spirits, and perfect for starting a craft distillery. A pot still from Specific Mechanical will allow for the production of the best whiskey, scotch, cognac, brandy, rum, and more.

All of Specific Mechanical’s commercial distilling equipment is custom engineered in Canada to give every distilling operation the maximum output from every step of the distillation process.

A distillation system for a craft or micro-distillery starts with a pot still and can then be customized with a variety of additional equipment. Whether it’s choosing between a complete copper construction or a combination of both copper and stainless steel, deciding the custom helmet shapes for every individualized pot still based distilling needs, or finalizing which option is best for Grain Handling, Steam Boilers, and Glycol Chillers — a traditional pot still from Specific Mechanical comes fully equipped to immediately start crafting the next best spirit.

Both steam and electricity can be used as a heating option for any pot still. Quick-connect plumbing and utility connections for power, water, gas, steam, and glycol are also installed in each pot still system for easy maintenance, repair, and motility.

To make distilling even easier, SpecProof automation is available for any Specific Mechanical distillery. Run a distillery with ease by implementing an automated system that does the work when someone can’t be there.

All commercial distilling equipment from Specific Mechanical is custom engineered in Canada to give the maximum output from every step of a distillation process.

About Specific Mechanical Systems:

Specific Mechanical Systems is a 100% hand-crafted distilling equipment manufacturer who specializes in pot stills, column stills, and all types of distilling equipment. Their commitment to high-quality materials and creating high-quality distilleries is evident with each distillery they build across the globe. Coming up on almost thirty years in business, Specific Mechanical Systems are leaders in the distillery industry, and pay close attention to detail of the distilling equipment they make.

Contact Specific Mechanical Systems with any distilling equipment and pot still questions by calling an expert at +1-250-652-2111 or visiting https://specificmechanical.com/.

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