Specialty Fuel Services on Front Lines of Hurricane Michael Recovery Efforts

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Located in Mississippi, Specialty Fuel Services transports emergency fuel quickly and efficiently to help facilitate faster recovery from unexpected catastrophic events around the United States.

Kosciusko, MS – When Hurricane Michael hit, Specialty Fuel Services was on the front lines of damage and recovery assistance.

Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle with wind speeds of 155 miles per hour, putting it just shy of a Category 5 hurricane. The damage was extensive, causing trees to be torn from the ground, homes to be destroyed, and the electricity to go out. The path of destruction left by the hurricane was clearly visible, from Mexico Beach, FL, to North Carolina.

Noticing the damages and seeing a need for immediate assistance in those areas, Specialty Fuel Services went into the fray to deliver gasoline in order to make the recovery process easier. Scenes of ruin met emergency response teams wherever they went, but they were still determined to bring customers the fuel they needed.

Their emergency vehicles were ready and prepped to take care of the situation, being upgraded to the latest technology. The vehicles could not only bring more gas to the scene, but they also arrived faster. This allowed teams to efficiently take care of more customers than ever before.

The teams at Specialty Fuel Services helped many businesses around the panhandle, Georgia, and North Carolina to get back on track to open as soon as possible.

Because of the fuel services provided, transport trucks, commercial buses, jets and helicopters and other company vehicles were able to continue their routes of service extremely quickly. The transport of goods, people, and services is an extremely important part of disaster recovery.

Specialty Fuel Services helps a wide range of companies, in both the public and private sectors. They work closely with first responders like state and federal agencies, police and fire departments, hospitals, and power/utility companies. They also work with data centers, financial institutions, and regional grocery stores.

The company also offers various types of fuel, from diesel to biodiesel/ethanol. They make sure that they can service as many different clients as possible.

Specialty Fuel Services makes sure to pre-plan with their customers before any disaster. This ensures that they have their resources as soon as possible to facilitate the recovery from a disaster. This gives companies the leg up in planning for business continuity, so they do not have to rely on less sure services or outcomes.

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