Specialists Supplements unique dropship service defies convention

This bespoke dropship model is available for world-wide dispatch from their trade website.

Company Specialist Shipping Services has defied convention in the dropship market with their updated dropship service. Full details available at https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk

Specialist Shipping Services (thwTrade and Practitioner Division) today reflected on their release of an updated bespoke drop-ship service which was founded over 20 years ago. They have been constantly developing this service in order to offer a bespoke and professiona experience to their resellers. Their main aim was always to help anyone who wants to earn extra money or those who are starting a business using a dropshipping platform, do so without spending money on stock and wasting time packing and shipping orders. Apptoved trade customers simply place a dropship order with them, only after they have received an order themselves from their sales channels. The companies dispatch department then ship this order direct to their trade customer’s client, with our without own label company branding and a customised delivery note…. and to defying convention, this customised dropship service does not incur ANY EXTRA FEES and that’s the difference with their model.

James Wilson, Head of their dropship department says: “We wanted to try something new with our customised dropship service. Anyone familiar with the dropship industry market will probably have noticed how 99% of companies charge for stock purchases up-front along with monthly storage fees (on many products), whether you sell products or not. We felt this was a problem because it makes it very difficult for small business and individual re-sellers with low cash reserves to grow their business. We have no MOQ (no Minimum Order Quantity) and we DO NOT charge any monthly fees. We enable ALL our trade customers, from large companies who buy on bulk from us, down to our small independent drop-shipper to purchase only 1 product if they wish (even if they resell under their own label branding). This unique, no MOQ and no fees model helps small individuals and companies to divert their spending budget on marketing, not stock, which in turn will drive more sales for them and us”. For details on their bespoke and personalised dropshipping service, visit https://www.dropshipwebhosting.co.uk/dropship-service .

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, their bespoke dropship service enables small startup companies to spend money on advertising and marketing which will help everyone grow. Specialist Ltd chose to make this move because most companies want to sell large volumes to fewer customers as it’s obviously less work and easier. They were once a small company when starting out and it was very frustrating when funds are scarce. As their company grew, they never forgot their roots and the hardships faced by all small businesses when starting out. Therefore, the customer services up-scale model they created over time always allowed the “little guy” to be included, thereby making it easier for them to grow too.

James Wilson also said “We want to give our customers the ability to grow their own branding without the hindrance of having to buy item labels on bulk, purchase and hold stock, ship orders out and so on. With our customised dropship and own label branding services, they have a fresh new opportunity. We want our re sellers to feel that it’s easy to fulfil orders they receive, when using our customised services. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe was worth taking.”

Specialist Shipping Service has been in business for 25 years, being established in June 1995. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to obviously make money but strive to providing their product resellers with the best service at the cheapest dropship option possible.

This isn’t the first time they have defied convention either. In the early days prior to 2000, when dropshipping was relatively unknown. they caused a stir when they introduced their “direct dispatch to customers” service for the many colon hydrotherapy clinics and practitioners they supplied. The idea arose because so many practitioners were asking them how they can avoid wasting time post out monthly product orders to their patients themselves, as it took time away from their clinic hours. This was the infancy of their now bespoke drop-shipping service.

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