Specialist Sports Physiotherapist & Lower Back Injury Clinic Slough Fights Back

New upgrade to therapy exclusively at Physio Dynamix introduces brand new treatments that cut recovery time down drastically for popular sports injury & lower back problems. See more here; http://www.physiodynamix.com

Physio Dynamix has announced a new upgrade to their popular sports injury & lower back treatment, announcing a ground breaking therapy exclusive to the clinic. See more about Physio Dynamix here;


The brand new set of treatments has multiple new features designed to make life easier for athletes or sporty people who get injured while doing what they love. Whether they are looking to keep fit or actively competing, the break-through has much to offer, including:

Brand new treatments that cut recovery time down drastically – the new approach will send out a real message to the market, Physio Dynamix is launching new techniques that target the cause of pain and injury faster to help in efficient therapy and rapid industry leading recovery.

The therapeutics are also designed for long term prevention, health and optimal performance. – The clinic has recently made leaps in innovation with not only dealing with and fixing existing problems but implementing new foundations for longevity and prolonged fitness.

After-care seems to be the sticking point for many clinics in the market right now, Physio Dynamix has introduced intensive sessions following rehabilitation to ensure full recovery with one-on-one physical and psychological support provided after initial recovery is achieved. This is cited as one of the hallmarks of this new philosophy.

The changes in this Sports injury & lower back treatment were bought about by the frustrations of the team at Physio Dynamix due to run of the mill offerings gripping the industry. As part of an ongoing effort to improve both the exposure and take up of the ground breaking therapy exclusively at Physio Dynamix, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future.

Kam Bassi, Owner, had this to say:

“The clinic has worked hard over the last few years to bring the latest changes into treatments quickly. The new approach is designed to get clients up and running but not just for the short term – it is about long term stability, health and physical fitness”

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade that is exclusive to the clinic, can do so directly on the website at;


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