Special Live Case Study Bonus for The Plan by Dan Hollings Now Available

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Marcus Lim is one of the earliest students of Dan Hollings' The Plan. He has documented his progress since the beginning and is offering it as a case study bonus for new members joining The Plan.

When Dan Hollings opened up his training program The Plan, little did he expect the overwhelming response from students all over the world, all of whom have been generating incredible results simply by studying and implementing what Dan teaches in The Plan.

For the uninitiated, The Plan is a program that teaches its members how to generate a steady stream of passive income using automated crypto bots.

One of the earliest students is Marcus Lim who has, like everyone else in The Plan, been successful implementing the system and watching his profits stream in on a daily basis.

Marcus took it one step further however – he took it upon himself to document his progress on video every step of the way.

The result of all that hard work can best be described as a live video case study of The Plan in action, which Marcus now offers as a complementary bonus for new members joining The Plan.

At first, Marcus was only doing it for his own benefit. But then he realized that it could be of benefit to others too, especially new members still looking to get their feet wet.

According to Marcus, being an early adopter meant he was able to learn and implement earlier than others. As such, he’s in a position to present results in advance, so that new members can get an idea of what to expect a few months into the future.

It is important to remember that The Plan is a long game, not a get rich quick scheme. Because of this, being able to see the progress of someone who is a few steps ahead can be very illuminating. It can also take away some of the fear and doubt that new members have before taking the plunge and putting their own money on the line.

Dan Hollings recommends every member to play in ‘demo’ mode to gain enough confidence before going forward with real money on the bots.

With Marcus’ bonus video series, new members now have have an additional resource to refer to and get mentally prepared in order to gain the confidence required to move forward with clarity.

After all, it is one thing to hear about a concept taught in theory, but it is quite another to see it work out in practice.

For instance, when Dan teaches the process of stopping bots and re-gridding, it really only ‘clicks’ when this process is seen in action in a live account on a live bot.

Other questions that new members have to do with how the bots perform months into The Plan, and what decisions have to be made when they go out of range. All these are addressed over the course of the live case study series.

To be clear, some of these live case study progress videos are already available publicly, but because of the conditions of the NDA, certain details had to be masked. In this bonus, Marcus provides the ‘unmasked’ version of the videos.

In addition, as one of the earliest adopters of The Plan, Marcus had the privilege of participating with Dan himself in a one-on-one zoom call in order to set up his bots.

Due to the NDA that he signed, Marcus is not allowed to share the recording of this one-on-one session with anyone outside of The Plan. So he is only able to share it as part of his bonus to members who have joined and also signed the NDA.

Marcus wants to emphasize that the real benefit of this setup video is not to blindly copy his bots, but to see how the lessons taught in The Plan translate to how Dan sets up the bots in a live account.

According to Marcus, he has received positive feedback from members who watched his bonus videos. They all agree that the videos have helped them to solidify their understanding of the material in The Plan.

In the interests of transparency, it should be noted that Marcus is an affiliate of The Plan, so he does get compensated when customers purchase the training course through him in order to get access to his bonus, which is delivered in a password protected members area.

Truth be told, there are many affiliates also offering different bonuses for customers joining The Plan through their affiliate links.

With so many choices, customers usually go ‘bonus shopping’ to look for the affiliate with the best bonus.

Although Marcus does not have the most number of bonuses, the bonus video series of his progress is one that is complementary to the main product, and not just thrown in for the sake of it.

As Marcus notes, The Plan already has everything that a person needs to generate passive income with crypto bots. Extra irrelevant bonuses that are just piled on top will distract more than help.

In contrast, Marcus thinks his bonus complements The Plan as it is essentially a live case study of The Plan in action, as previously mentioned. It is also an ongoing case study, as he is actively doing it along with everyone else, and reporting on his progress.

But at the end of the day, it is up to the customer to decide if they like what they see.

Full details of Marcus’ bonus for The Plan are available here.

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