Spark Solar: Solar Removal and Reinstall for Texas Homes

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How does a property owner get to their roof for renovations or repairs when there is solar in the way? Spark Solar makes easy work of removing and reinstalling solar panels for this exact reason.

So, hail came through and damaged the roof. The solar panels made it through because solar is built like a tank (or maybe they broke due to some freakishly huge and oddly shaped ice footballs), but the roof has damage. The panels must be removed in order to do any repairs or renovations to the roof. Some roofing companies may call it an R&R (removal and reinstall), a D&R (detach and reset), or some other acronym, regardless, Spark Solar does it.

Homeowners are not going to take the panels off themselves and roofing companies are not qualified to work with solar panels and need a solar company to remove the equipment. The experts at Spark Solar are here to help. Matter of fact, it’s their specialty. Spark Solar has hands-on industry best workers to do the removal so that homeowners can rest easy knowing that the solar panels are in good hands.

The master craftsmen will, not only, take the panels off so the roofers get to the roof, but Spark Solar can also keep the panels in storage safe from any harm that could occur to them. Of course, Spark Solar can store them in the backyard or garage, but for those that want to avoid the common backyard meteor from outer space or the crazed solar panel climbing pet, Spark Solar has it covered.

Not only does Spark Solar do the heavy lifting, literally, but they make financing easier too. If insurance won’t cover the bill, the team offers amazing financing. And of course, they help with the claim any way they can.

If all this wasn’t good enough, Spark Solar provides panel cleaning by request, making sure that the homeowner’s solar is running the best that it can. They always leave a job better than they found it.

Here is what Spark Solar does.

create a quote for GC or homeowner

schedule removal

safe storage

schedule reinstallation

12-month workmanship warranty

insurance claim assistance as needed

Spark Solar is the Texas solar team that property owners need for any commercial or residential solar project. From install to take down, they do it all. If a roof is damaged or going through renovations, do not hesitate to call here at Spark Solar.

Release ID: 89019935