Spark Solar: Helping Texans Go Solar For Their Home And Business

Spark Solar is here to take Texas sola. There are so many great reasons to go solar these days and Spark is here to tell you about them. Learn more about going solar at the Spark Solar Website.

How great would it feel to never have to pay an electric bill ever again? That is the power that going solar provides. Spark Solar has helped people across The Lone Star State make the switch to solar power for their homes and businesses. It is time to take back your power with Spark Solar. The Texas energy grid has seen a fair share of issues over the years from rolling blackouts to complete shutdowns in the ice storm in the winter of 2021. With more and more people moving to Texas, the more and more stressed the grid becomes.

Spark Solar empowers home and business owners to break free from their electrical companies and the grid and to create their own green renewable energy. By having the home produce its own energy, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the energy costs will not rise with power use or fluctuate with the energy companies. With exclusive warranties, thirty-year warranties, and special rebates, going solar is now more affordable and easier to do than ever.

Not only can solar save homeowners money, but it can have a healthy environmental impact too. Solar produces zero waste when creating energy unlike coal or nuclear which produce harmful remains. When light energy strikes the panels, electrons are pushed to the inverter, which converts the energy from DC to AC so it can be used in the home. The inverter feeds the main service panel, which sends electricity through circuit breakers to the various light fixtures and outlets.

Because more people are going solar, and thanks to improving technology, energy from the solar system cost way less than it used to. In fact, it costs less than grid energy generated from fossil fuels. All things being equal, solar is almost always cheaper than grid energy.​ Plus with federal help, there is even more reason to go solar.

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