Spark Solar DIY Solar Design Tool: Helping Texas Homeowners Go Solar

The DIY Solar Design Tool by Spark Solar has made going solar easy for Texas home and business owners. Find out how you can go solar in three easy steps.

Many homeowners do not know how many panels can fit on their roof when planning out their solar systems. Spark Solar’s DIY Solar Design Tool allows anyone to plan out their solar system hassle-free. Solar can be a great way to save money on monthly electricity bills and Spark Solar made going solar easier for everyone. With three easy steps, home and business owners can see if going solar is right for them.

The first thing to do in this process is to find the property’s address. The DIY Solar Design Tool will show an overhead view of the roof, perfect for designing the solar panel system. It is good to note that many homes have vents, AC units, and other obstructions protruding out of the roof. Solar panels can not be installed on top of these so the overhead view in step one is a time to take those into account.

The second step is to draw the layout. By clicking the outline of where the roof is, the tool can easily calculate how much solar energy the plan will produce and how much the plan will cost to install. Another thing to keep in mind is to be specific. If the roof has creases and points, solar will be hard to install there. Try and stick to wide flat areas.

The last step is to receive a free quote. The solar quote will automatically pop up once step two is complete. This will show the monthly cost of the solar panels along with how much savings and energy will be produced. More options include what brand of solar panels will be available for installation.

There are many reasons to go solar, and with Spark Solar’s DIY Solar Design Tool, going solar has just gotten easier. Go solar easily with the DIY Solar Design Tool

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