Spanish Fork UT Creative Photography – Storytelling Holiday Photo Art Updated

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Just Imagine PhotoArt has updated its services to focus more on creative storytelling and family-oriented photography, though the company still offers a full range of photography services.

Just Imagine PhotoArt, a well-known photography studio in Spanish Fork, Utah, has updated its available services to focus on family and child-oriented photography. The studio specializes in storytelling photo art that is designed to create and capture unique moments in family life.

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The updated services from Just Imagine PhotoArt put a focus on family moments and imaginative storytelling, including personalized photographic Christmas art. The artist is well known for her creative approach to photography, and her ability to see the world through the eyes of the children she works with.

The creative aspects that Just Imagine PhotoArt is known for have to be seen to be understood. Prospective clients are encouraged to browse the company’s portfolio to see the wide array of moments imagined by the artist and clients. Photoshoots in the company’s portfolio have a vast variety, including themes such as close-ups with exotic wildlife, princess stories, alien encounters, and magical adventures.

Many clients find that the tradition of having personal family-oriented holiday memories immortalized through professional photography not only never goes out of style, but can be greatly improved through advanced photographic techniques and unique storytelling backdrops. Professional photography services can give families a way to hold on to those moments forever, and to share them with their loved ones.

While the company does specialize in creative and imaginative family moments, they do offer a range of services outside of that area. The company website has a wide-ranging portfolio of photography examples from seniors events, weddings, engagements, bridals, and more.

Most packages will include between 15-30 fully edited photographs, though for a small fee all of the unedited photos are available as well. Storytelling packages include fewer photos, but are highly creative and edited to provide a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Wedding packages may contain significantly more photos, dependent on the package.

Clients will receive an online link to a gallery of all their photos. From the online gallery, they can share or download the photos, as well as ordering prints. While the photographer is located in Spanish Fork, she does travel anywhere in Utah or Salt Lake County. Clients wishing for photoshoots outside of that area can contact the studio to make arrangements for an additional fee.

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