Space-Smart Condo Design Metro Manila Affordable Real Estate Investing Announced

A leading Philippines real estate company has announced it can help residents around Metro Manila to find budget yet attractive properties. It is known for its Space-Smart condo design and urban loft designs.

Honeycomb Builders, a real estate company based in Mandaluyong City in the Philippines, has announced it can help customers to find their dream, innovative living space on a budget. The company pioneered the Space-Smart condo design in the Philippines, and its units come with patented loft bedrooms and half stairs to maximize every inch of space.

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The site explains that Honeycomb Builders is set to become the Filipino’s preferred real estate developer of affordable, high quality space-smart homes.

It builds homes for people who are living on a budget and are looking for an affordable solution to a high quality, attractive and enjoyable living space. For those who are budget conscious but want to live the sweet life, it offers homes that delight and satisfy with a unique blend of innovation and affordability.

Honeycomb Builders is a real estate company that has a special focus on boutique condominiums and townhouses in Metro Manila and the surrounding suburbs. The company prides itself on its high quality service, and borrowed its name from the home of the honeybees – nature’s master engineers.

Fundamental to the company’s success, vision and high quality service is a set of core principles that underscores everything Honeycomb Builders does. This includes the company’s God-centeredness, integrity and innovation, and family spirit.

The company states: “The secret to our lasting success is our commitment to improvement and innovation. Honeycomb Builders pioneered the Space-Smart condo design in the Philippines. Our units come with patented loft bedrooms and half-stairs features that utilize the usually bare space above the bathroom and kitchenette.”

Visitors to the Honeycomb Builders site can find 360 degree virtual tours of properties, and use the powerful search tool to track down the right space for their unique needs.

Full details of the properties available can be found here:

Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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