Spa Located In Centerville Ohio Launches State Of The Art Cryoskin Treatment

Shap Spa, a spa in Centerville Ohio, is excited to offer new cryoskin treatments and cryoskin facial treatments to patients who desire body toning, augmented facial collagen, and skin smoothing.

Shap Spa, a spa in Centerville Ohio, launches a revolutionary cryoskin treatment service. Cryoskin treatments originated in Europe, and were designed to destroy subcutaneous lipid cells using freezing temperatures. The owners of Shap Spa recognized the multitude of unprecedented benefits that cryoskin therapy can provide to patients and now perform cryoskin treatments and cryoskin facials regularly. At Shap Spa, patients’ body toning needs are met with the utilization of the most advanced, state of the art machinery, including cryoskin, and infrared saunas.

Shap Spa was founded in 2016 by owner, Natalie, who applies the extensive background which she has in wellness, nutrition, fitness and hospitality to establishing a peaceful environment for patients undergoing cryoskin treatments, cryoskin facials and other treatments at the spa. The team at Shap Spa is constituted by several other talented, highly educated members who instill a sense of trust and comfort in each client who chooses to undergo cryoskin treatments and the like.

Cryoskin treatments are a non-invasive solution for patients seeking tightening and smoothing of the skin, and those looking to slow the aging process. In only 30 minutes, at Shap Spa, lipid cells are broken down and eliminated when exposed to cold temperatures, and blood vessels widen to increase oxygen supply to skin. The additional oxygen contributes to an increase in the production of collagen in patients’ skin, which can improve the look of fine lines, and can result in a younger appearance. Cryoskin facials, are especially targeted toward increasing circulation to the face, increasing the abundance of collagen, and decreasing the look of wrinkles.

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Along with cryoskin treatments and cryoskin facials, I-lipo treatments are administered to patients at Shap Spa to tone and smooth patients’ form. I-lipo effectively hastens the breakdown of triglycerides into glycerol, which naturally occurs in human bodies when excess calories are expended. When triglycerides are broken down into glycerol, they can be expelled through cell membranes and utilized to create energy and enhance metabolism. Most importantly, I-lipo is safe, as it merely expedites a process which already occurs naturally in the body, and does not cause damage.

Infrared saunas, offered at Shap Spa, provide patients with a host of benefits. Infrared saunas are proven to stimulate collagen production, and the circulatory system to oxygenate cells. Infrared saunas also detoxify the body 7 times more than traditional saunas, and they can decrease cortisol, the stress hormone, simultaneously. So patients of Shap Spa can walk out of the spa feeling less stressed, happier, and more toned if they choose to undergo cryoskin treatments, I-lipo treatments and finish off with infrared sauna sessions.

Results and testimonials of cryoskin treatments and cryoskin facials can be viewed in the before and after galleries on the Shap Spa website, and the pictures speak volumes about how efficacious the cryoskin treatments are. Visit the URL above to learn more.

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