Southport QLD Marine Eco Hull Coating Speed And Protection Coat Launched

Seacoat Technology Australia expanded its range of high-quality hull coatings with the launch of its Sea-Speed V 10 X, a highly durable hull coating ideal for sailboats, sailing yachts, sport fishing boats and other recreational applications.

Seacoat Technology Australasia, a marine hull coating solutions company, released an updated version of the Sea-Speed V 10 X, its high-quality hull coating for small boats. Ideal for boats of all materials, including aluminum, wood and fiberglass, offering reduced friction for optimal speed and increased durability.

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The newly updated eco friendly hull coat is part of the company’s commitment to offering high-quality hull protection coating technologies for both recreational and commercial applications. Seacoat Technology applications have been used by commercial, military and pleasure craft since 2001.

The Sea-Speed V 10 X features a proprietary Seacoat technology to form a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating. Highly durable and impermeable hard glass smooth finish, yet fully biodegradable. This coating acts as a protective shield in all types of water and weather.

Once applied, the coating will last at least ten years with minimal cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the hull can be done either by hand or by using any mechanical method that does not affect the base paint on the boat. Applying Seacoat completes this process to ensure maximum protection & enhance performance.

For optimal performance, the Sea-Speed has a surface roughness of less than 8 microns, setting a new standard in the industry. The smooth surface ensures minimal drag resistance, with users reporting both higher speeds and improved fuel efficiency.

Unlike standard boat paints, Sea-Speed does not release any toxic materials into the water when scrubbed, which helps protect the marine environment while also improving the durability of the coat.

With the new update, the company continues to invest in the development of high-quality hull coating technologies.

“We are excited to introduce our high-performance antifouling solution to customers across Australia”, said a company representative. “We believe in caring for our environment and our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure environmental safety and maximum efficiency.”

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