Southport FC Fans Call Public Meeting For Changes At Club

Southport FC fans call for massive change at the club. Holding a public meeting to discuss and organise strategy for the future.

Fans of English football team Southport FC have called a public meeting to call for changes at the club.

The 135 year old club is enduring one of the most unsuccessful seasons in its history, brought about by a ten year accumulation of bad decisions both on and off the field. These have culminated in this season where they are set to be relegated from the National League for the third time in a decade.

As a result, Trust In Yellow, the supporters group, has called an open public meeting to discuss and propose changes to the current club hierarchy and operations. The meeting, to take place on Tuesday 11th April at the Railway Club on Sussex Road in Southport, was arranged after an overwhelming 95% of members on fans forum website voted in favour of a change in club chairmanship.

The current club chairman, Charlie Clapham, has been at the helm for thirty five years and has seen the club stabilise its revenues but stagnate and regress on the pitch. Many fans over the past three and half decades attribute the continued survival of the club to Mr Clapham however this fact is disputed by many more.

A spokesperson for Trust In Yellow said, “The Board of Trust in Yellow realises that it does not speak for ALL members and supporters and feel it is essential that all Southport FC Supporters including those who have drifted away in recent years are able to put forward their views on how we can help get the Club moving in the right direction once again. That is the main reason we have called this meeting.”

The meeting is open to all supporters, both past and present.

The spokesperson added, “Trust members and non-members, are welcome to attend and we want to see as many fans there as possible who care about the future of Football in this Town.”

The object of the meeting will be to discuss ideas for the future strategy and direction of the club and how supporter involvement in the club could be improved and what positive benefits this would bring.

The meeting will be Chaired by Martin Robinson from the Trust and after brief opening statements by Trust Vice- Chair Noel Warham and the founder of Trust In Yellow Jonathan O’Byrne, it will be open to all present to add to the debate.

It is hoped that an open letter based on the constructive contributions made at the meeting will be delivered to the board of the Club.

The Trust also made clear they would welcome attendance by any or all members of the Club board of directors.

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