Southlake TX Wellness Clinic Fast Appointment System Launched Reducing Wait Time

Southlake, Texas Metroplex Wellness Chiropractic announced the introduction of a new system to significantly reduce delay and long wait times for appointments allowing patients to benefit from prompt health care services.

Metroplex Wellness, a professional chiropractic practice based in Southlake, Texas, announced a proprietary approach to reduce delay and wait times when booking appointments and provide patients with high-quality services as quickly as possible. By combining efficient management practices with optimal booking schedules, the practice ensures that each patient receives adequate healthcare much faster than the industry average.

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The average wait time for a new patient visit for a primary care physician in the United States is now 28 days, with the process potentially extending to several months if follow up and specialty care is needed. For Medicare patients needing a new patient office visit, the wait often can be more than three months.

Metroplex Wellness is committed to helping their patients avoid this type of dangerous delay. Clinic founder Dr. Richard Twaithes has implemented a complete range of solutions to significantly reduce waiting times and delays when setting appointments. This provides Southlake patients with faster health care services.

By integrating the management of their patients overall care, Metroplex Wellness is able to cut through the red tape and multitude of obstacles, enabling patients to get the appropriate medical care as quickly as possible.

Dr. Thwaites, the only provider in Southlake who has earned both his Medical Doctor and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees, said: “Typically our patients who need referrals are seen in a matter of a few days, not weeks or months. And thankfully, potentially disastrous issues can be addressed fast.”

Metroplex Wellness has an extensive physician relationship network that includes experienced physicians and surgeons. In addition to that, Metroplex also navigates booking appointments, necessary labs and prescribed radiology, allowing their patients to have the peace of mind that their issue is being addressed in the most expeditious manner possible.

This clinic in Southlake offers a wide range of chiropractic and wellness procedures for patients suffering from neck and back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, auto accident injuries and various other issues to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

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