Southlake TX Water Damage Repair And Recovery Fundraiser Campaign Launched

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief has launched its fundraiser focused on assisting Texans impacted by the latest 2021 storms. All who wish to support communities in Texas can partner with their cause.

The Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief, a company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex has announced the launch of their fundraising campaign that will assist residents and small business owners who have been impacted by the recent natural disasters in the state of Texas. Anyone can become a partner in this essential service and help bring relief to those whose lives and livelihoods have been affected in this part of the country.

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By launching this fundraiser, the Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief seeks to meet the needs of small business owners who are uninsured or underinsured. In the wake of these latest storms and unprecedented bad weather, many of these businesses find their only option is taking out a small business loan, which may be a significant financial burden for many years to come.

Even if a loan is sought after, since there are specific requisites to qualify for these loans, some SBs may not be eligible. Thus, the inability to sustain the operation will cause the loss of business investments, and for many that means compromising their life savings.

Many Texan residents who rent or lease their properties also find themselves in this same predicament, without the resources to rebuild and restore.

The fundraising campaign by the Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief comes as many homes and businesses have been recently affected by inclement weather. During recent months of 2021, Texans statewide have felt the devastating effects of historic storms. Even in the current month of May, residents and businesses all across the state have experienced flooding and extensive property damage.

There is much recovery and rebuilding still needed to be done in Texas. Water damage restoration cases are in the hundreds of thousands, and it’s estimated it will take years to resolve. Coupled with the current pandemic, residents and business owners in Texas are facing a crisis within a crisis.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States) resources are also strained and limited under these extraordinary circumstances. Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief invites all those who are interested to become partners with them in bridging the gap.

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With over 20 years of disaster recovery experience, the Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief welcomes all who desire to make a difference to join their campaign. The organization offers its water damage restoration and remediation services at no charge for clients who have been affected by natural disasters. This is fundamental in expediting the restoration process and preventing further property damage and loss.

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