Southington CT Whiplash Auto Injury Chiropractor Non-invasive Treatment Launched

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Pion Chiropractic LLC of Southington, CT launches its auto injury chiropractic treatment, which provides effective pain relief from common collision-related conditions like whiplash.

Southington, CT-based Pion Chiropractic LLC announces the launch of its auto injury chiropractic treatment. This offering provides patients with non-invasive and non-medicated therapy for back and neck pain sustained during a car collision.

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This new treatment has been proven to be successful even if you have tried other therapies to no avail. By using gentle and targeted manipulation, the bones of your back and neck are realigned, thus alleviating acute pain in these areas.

Pion Chiropractic LLC says that up to two million Americans suffer from auto-related injuries such as whiplash each year. It adds that the sudden and severe impact caused by a car collision may destabilize the spine, potentially causing great discomfort to patients and damaging their health.

Your chiropractor uses a combination of spinal adjustments, manual therapy, decompression, and electronic muscle stimulation to relieve the pain from its source. Because the process is low risk and non-surgical, it is safe for almost all people and can give almost immediate relief of symptoms.

More importantly, chiropractic treatment restores a patient’s full range of motion, allowing you to perform your job and tasks normally. Further, a chiropractor can help reduce scar tissue, which often forms after traumatic injuries and causes muscles to feel stiff. And even more important than that it helps to improve the function of your nervous system, by reducing the resistance that affects nerves to help your body heal yourself from within.

Before the start of every treatment plan, your chiropractor does an exhaustive physical examination and will order necessary diagnostic tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. After which, the appropriate therapy will be applied, with most initial exams lasting between 60-90 minutes

The clinic adds that most major health insurers cover chiropractic treatments, which makes sessions more affordable for patients. You may also get a consultation at our expense by visiting the practice’s website and claiming an online coupon.

Pion Chiropractic LLC is a leading practice that treats a variety of spine-related ailments such as back pain, herniated discs, neck injuries, and scoliosis. For its excellent service, it has received countless five-star reviews from both new and longtime patients.

A spokesperson for the clinic says: “A car accident is always devastating, especially if it leaves you injured. Our chiropractic treatments offer safe and effective relief from issues such as whiplash.”

Don’t live with debilitating pain caused by a car accident. Book a consultation with Pion Chiropractic LLC today!

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