Southern Utah Pest Control Home Remedies To Naturally Fight Bugs Report Launched

Big Tom's Pest Control has launched a new report on how homeowners and businesses in Southern Utah can combat pests at home with products they have laying around the house. These include essential oils, soybean oil and borax.

A new report has been launched by Utah based pest control company, Big Tom’s Pest Control, focusing in ways people can use household products to get rid of pests. The report comes with a disclaimer that anyone using household products as pest control products should do so with caution, because they may leave stains or otherwise be harmful if mishandled.

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Big Tom’s Pest Control has earned a trusted reputation for over seven years of work in the industry, establishing a team of trusted employees, with professionally evaluated, tested and reviewed service technicians.

Each team member completes an annual field training session, with computer based components, and classroom sessions to help ensure they stay up to date in all areas of their field. Through this, Big Tom’s can ensure its customers receives the highest levels of service.

The new report launched by Big Tom’s explains that soybean oil can get rid of cockroaches effectively, however one of the drawbacks of this is that it can cause stains.

In addition to this, essential oils, like peppermint, can work well with dissuading bugs and insects. One of the drawbacks is that there is upfront cost in the form of buying the correct diffusers, but after that it is an easy way to get rid of some pests.

Borax is another product that can be used, which can be bought in most stores, but it leaves stains that could hurt children and pets, so should be used with caution.

Anyone not wanting to use home solutions to get rid of pets can get in touch with Big Tom’s Pest Control, who specialize in pest extermination. They take pride in helping homeowners to feel safe in their home, and making businesses look their best. Builders can also make use of pest and termite control if they want to make sure their construction site is safe and secure.

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